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Graduate Internship Program Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some FAQs

  1. You usually cannot intern at a site where you are already employed.

  2. You may intern at a site not on the list; however, the site will need to be approved and will need to complete an Agency Data Form (available from the Internship Coordinator).

  3. Most internships are unpaid. The university allows the agency/institution to pay a stipend, but no expectation of payment is implied in the internship contract.

  4. You do not need to have an internship site in mind in order to be accepted into the Graduate Internship Program.

  5. It is your responsibility to find an internship site. There is help available!

  6. When contacting a site, ask for the person in charge of student interns and/or volunteer services. Some questions to ask might be: what would be expected of you and---very importantly---what you might expect to learn there; who your supervisor will be, where physically you will be working, what kind of orientation there will be, and who will evaluate you. Please note that our internships allow for only an absolute minimum of non-professional work, e.g., typing, answering the phone.

  7. Once you have been accepted into the internship program, have decided on a site and the site has accepted you, arrange for a triad meeting between your site supervisor, yourself and Joyce Delores Taylor, HSH Internship Coordinator. For the meeting, dress professionally, bring a proofread resume and three copies of a list of your goals and objectives (one page, in bullet point format).

  8. You should set up the triad meeting before the internship semester begins. You may not be able to enter the internship unless you arrange for the triad meeting to be completed before the last day of registration.

Definitions of Goals and Objectives

Goals: Broad spectrum, complex, organizational, indication of program intentions

Objectives: Measurable, defined, operational, simple steps, and specific. Objectives contribute to the fulfillment of specified goals.


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