Keith Parsons

Keith Parsons, Ph.D.

Professor of Philosophy,
College of Human Sciences and Humanities

Contact number: 281-283-3361
Office: Bayou 2529.10


Keith Parsons is a professor of philosophy and has published in the fields of philosophy of science, history of science, philosophy of religion, and logic and critical thinking.

His publications include, "God and the Burden of Proof," (Prometheus Books, 1989), "Drawing out Leviathan," (Indiana University Press, 2001), "The Great Dinosaur Controversy," (ABC-Clio Press, 2003), and "It Started with Copernicus," (Prometheus Books, 2014). Dr. Parsons' most recent publication, "Bombing the Marshall Islands," an exploration of the effect of nuclear tests in the Marshall Islands from 1946 to 1958, was published in 2017 by Cambridge University Press.

He has a doctorate in philosophy from Queen’s University, Canada, and a doctorate in history and philosophy of science from the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Parsons has won awards both for teaching and for research and has been an invited speaker, presenter, or debater at a number of national and international conferences and colloquia. He also is an active blogger for Huffington Post and The Secular Outpost.

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