Kevin McNamara, Ph.D.

Professor of Literature,
College of Human Sciences and Humanities

Contact number: 281-283-3387
Office: B2121.07


A New York City native, Kevin McNamara came to the Third Coast by way of Southern California. His cross-country travels bequeathed him a personal and professional interest in the American landscape. His primary research interest is the culture and experience of cities, which recently has led to broader questions of the shaping of personal and group identity and its social and political effects. He teaches American literature of the past 150 years as well as modern poetry and modern and contemporary novels across national borders.

A two-time Fulbright Senior Lecturer, Dr. McNamara has taught in the Czech Republic and Turkey. He has lectured, published, and delivered papers in conferences across Europe, from Lisbon to Sarajevo, Thessaloniki, Istanbul and Tallinn as well as such points in between as Caen and Utrecht. Conversations with students, scholars, and ordinary citizens abroad sustain his interests in foreign perceptions of the U.S. and the international contexts of American studies practice. See Dr. McNamara's recent book, The City in American Literature and Culture, and listen to Dr. McNamara talk about this work in this video

When he is allowed free time, he enjoys photography, birding, and the company of his cats.              

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