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Doctor of Psychology

Program Overview/Mission

The Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) in Health Service Psychology (Combined Clinical/School) will provide broad practitioner-scientist training with an emphasis on clinical practice. The mission is to prepare students for careers as health professionals in clinical and school settings. The overarching model of the program is the provision of health services, with particular emphasis on cognitive-behavioral psychology. Graduates from this program will be competent to function as licensed professional psychologists in a variety of roles across a variety of settings, with particular competencies in behavioral health, prevention, and health psychology.

The field of psychology, this program, and its individual faculty highly value diversity, understanding, inclusiveness, compassion, and equal human rights, and strongly reject and condemn violence, intimidation, discrimination, and judgmental action towards groups or individuals in all forms. Given our field's acute focus and understanding of the human toll exacted by these societal problems, psychology has an important ethical role in advocacy and educating the broader public in hopes of minimizing these problems for individuals and groups in our societies.  Review the APA Advocacy page to learn more about some of these important areas and how they can be supported.

Program Degrees

Accreditation Information

The Doctor of Psychology program is pending approval from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.

Admission Requirements

  • Health Service Psychology Psy.D.
  • Admission Deadline

    Fall: Jan. 10, 2018

  • Application
    Applicants must apply for admission to both the Doctorate of Psychology program and to University of Houston-Clear Lake through ApplyTexas.org.
  • Requirements

    Admitted students typically have these qualifications:

    • Specialist or Master’s degree in School Psychology or Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology or related field.
    • GPA of 3.4 or higher.
    • Score of 300 or higher on the Graduate Record Exam (GRE), with a minimum score of 3.5 in Analytical Writing.
    • Research evidence/potential (publication, thesis, formal research project, participation in research). 

    You must submit the following documents through ApplyTexas.org: 

    • A current curriculum vitae.
    • A Statement of Purpose that provides your reasons for pursuing this degree and how it fits into your career goals. The Statement of Purpose (not to exceed 2 pages, single-spaced) includes the following: 
    1. Research and clinical/school psychology experience and interests. 
    2. Other relevant experiences (i.e., volunteer experiences).
    3. Post-graduation professional goals. 
    4. A list of program faculty with whom the applicant would like to work and why. 
    • Transcripts from all colleges and universities previously attended - except University of Houston-Clear Lake transcripts, which will be generated internally. These transcripts are in addition to the official transcripts sent directly to the university Admissions office. 
    • Scores on the general test of the GRE and TOEFL (if required). While official scores are reported to the university through the standard reporting processes of the respective testing services, you must enter your scores into the ApplyTexas.org program application form as indicated.  

    You must also have three (3) Recommendations for Applicant Admission submitted on your behalf. Each writer must complete the recommendation form and write a separate letter. Each recommender should email their letters to Psyd@uhcl.edu

    After initial review of the application materials (application, recommendations, and supplemental material) an admissions committee will invite selected applicants to campus for an interview. Interviews will be scheduled for February 2018. Applicants will be notified of their program admission status by April 15, 2018.

    For a more detailed explanation, you can download the Application and Admission Process.

Additional Admission Information

Enrollment is limited, and admission is offered only to the most qualified applicants. Students wishing to enroll in this degree plan must formally apply. Additional information can be obtained by contacting the faculty coordinator.

Program Faculty

Steven Bistricky
Steven Bistricky

Steven Bistricky

Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology,
Human Sciences and Humanities

Contact number: 281-283-3404
Email: bistricky@uhcl.edu
Office: Bayou 2233.12

Faculty Bio

Sara Elkins
Sara Elkins

Sara Elkins

Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology,
Human Sciences and Humanities

Contact number: 281-283-3315
Email: elkins@uhcl.edu
Office: Bayou 2617.15

Faculty Bio

Ryan Marek
Ryan Marek

Ryan Marek

Assistant Professor in Health Services Psychology,
Human Sciences and Humanities

Contact number: 281-283-3409
Email: Marek@uhcl.edu
Office: Arbor 1309.06

Faculty Bio

William Norwood
William Norwood

William Norwood

Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology,
Human Sciences and Humanities

Contact number: 281-283-3320
Email: Norwood@uhcl.edu
Office: Bayou 2529.06

Faculty Bio

Thomas Schanding

Thomas Schanding

Associate Professor of School Psychology,
Human Sciences and Humanities

Contact number: 281-283-3484
Email: schandingjr@uhcl.edu
Office: B2529.04

Faculty Bio

Mary Short

Mary B. Short

Professor of Clinical Psychology,
Human Sciences and Humanities

Contact number: 281-283-3324
Email: ShortMB@uhcl.edu
Office: Bayou 1508.26

Faculty Bio

Julia Strait
Julia Strait

Julia Strait

Assistant Professor of School Psychology and Health Services Psychology,
Human Sciences and Humanities

Contact number: 281-283-3357
Email: straitj@uhcl.edu
Office: Arbor Central 1309.04

Faculty Bio

Gill Strait

Gill Strait

Assistant Professor of School Psychology,
Human Sciences and Humanities

Contact number: 281-283-3494
Email: strait@uhcl.edu
Office: Arbor Central 1309.02

Faculty Bio

Curriculum and Instruction

As a practitioner-scientist program, the Psy.D. program's primary goal is to train practitioners, scholars, and applied researchers in the area of health service psychology. The program develops graduates who use scientific methods in the professional practice of psychology with the aim of improving health and behavioral-health outcomes. The program emphasizes the importance of the scientific method as the primary basis to advance knowledge and inform practice. Graduates will be competent in evidence-based practice (assessment, intervention, and consultation). The behavioral health model will serve as the overall context for training. This model emphasizes the reciprocal relationship between psychological, biological, and social aspects of both personal and community health. Through coursework, clinical experiences, and research, students may individualize their training, including clinical-school and clinical-health.

The PsyD program at the University of Houston-Clear Lake is guided by five general goals designed to ensure that all candidates attain the requisite knowledge base that serves as a foundation for all psychological practice, acquire skills in the techniques that constitute the practice of psychology, develop skills to analyze and conduct research, understand and adhere to ethical practice in psychology, and become culturally competent practitioners. Specifically, the goals are: 

  1. Foundational Knowledge - To enable students to acquire broad and general foundational knowledge in health service psychology
  2. Research - To train students to conduct and consume research and to disseminate this psychological knowledge through publication, presentation, and practice
  3. Clinical Skills - To develop students' knowledge of health service psychology and the clinical skills to apply that knowledge to assessment, intervention, supervision, and consultation/evaluation services
  4. Cultural and Linguistic Diversity - To enable students to understand and appreciate individual differences and diversity, thereby becoming culturally competent in the delivery of psychological services
  5. Ethical and Legal Issues - To enable students to understand ethical, legal, and professional issues and to adhere to ethical and legal standards in all of their professional activities 

Student Data and Outcomes

Student Data

Student Resources

Information for Current Students

University Student Resources 

Additional Information

For information, please contact the Director of Clinical Training:

Dr. Mary Short
Full Professor of Clinical Psychology
Program Director

For immediate assistance, please call or email our Senior Secretary Rose McLaren at 281-283-3491 or McLaren@uhcl.edu.