Department Training

Specialized departmental training can be offered at the request of the department chair or head.  Training and Development will explore the options and type of forum needed, based upon a training needs analysis.  Each department’s needs are addressed individually based upon the results of the completed analysis.  Examples of specialized departmental training include: customer service, vision and goal setting, planning, team building, and stress management.  In order to provide the best possible outcome of the session desired, please provide a minimum of two weeks to assess and develop an appropriate action plan to meet the indicated need.

Sample Training Needs Analysis Questions:

  1. Identify the performance challenge.  What is, or is not, working?
  2. Identify what is needed to improve, or correct the current challenge?  (Knowledge, Skills, Attitude, etc.)
  3. What level challenge is present?  (High priority, low priority, future planning, etc)
  4. What is the desired outcome of the training being requested?  

Further questions will be addressed as answers to the above questions are shared and discussed.

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