Working Retiree

Non-benefits-eligible status***         

Job Title Job Code FLSA Code EEO Code Pay Grade
Temp Professional/Retiree (2) 2320 EX H30 (2)
Temp Employment/Retiree (1) 5320 NE (1) (1)
Non-Ben Exempt/Retiree 2010 EX H30  
Non-Ben Non-Exempt/Retiree 4010 NE H40  
Researcher/Retiree 3087 EX H30  
Visiting Professor/Retiree 1620 EX H20 999
Visiting Assoc Professor/Retiree 1520 EX H20 999
Visiting Lecturer/Retiree 1720 EX H20 999
Clinical Asst Prof/Retiree 1920 EX H20 999
Lecturer/Retiree 1420 EX H20 999
Adjunct/Retiree 1320 EX H20 N/A
Instructional Assoc/Retiree 1820 EX H20 999
Non-Ben Summer Ins Assoc/Retiree 1077 EX H20 999
Non-Ben Summer Teaching/Retiree 1220 EX H20 999
Non-Ben Summer Research/Retiree 3059 EX H20 999

(1)  Actual classifications, associated pay grades, hiring ranges, and EEO codes for Working Retiree Support Staff are the same as benefits-eligible support staff positions.

(2)  Actual classifications, associated pay grades, and hiring ranges for Working Retiree Professionals are the same as benefits-eligible administrative and professional positions.

***Working Retirees may not be assigned to regular temporary positions.  PRF's to create Working Retiree positions are required.


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