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Support Staff

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Job Title Job Class Code FLSA Code Pay Grade
Administrative Assistant I5032NonExempt-Hourly11
Administrative Assistant II5033NonExempt-Hourly13
Administrative Assistant III5034NonExempt-Hourly15
Administrative Assistant IV5035NonExempt-Hourly17
Department Assistant I5119NonExempt-Hourly13
Department Assistant II5120NonExempt-Hourly15
Department Assistant III5121NonExempt-Hourly17
Office Assistant I5115NonExempt-Hourly9
Office Assistant II5116NonExempt-Hourly11
Office Assistant III5117NonExempt-Hourly13
Office Supervisor5118NonExempt-Hourly16


  • HR Compensation

    Bayou Building B2537
    2700 Bay Area Blvd, Box 167
    Houston, TX 77058-1002

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