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Types of Career Ladders

Three Vertical Career Ladders

The skills, knowledge, and experience required for career advancement.

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Types of Career Ladders

1. Pre-Defined Career Ladder

  • Clearly defined hierarchy of positions that exist with multiple levels
  • Similar positions assigned to a Sub-Group within a Job Family
  • Hierarchy based on Job Grade
  • Limited to positions at or below the Director Level

Example of a Pre-Defined Career Ladder

Title Job Grade
Administrative Assistant IV 17
Administrative Assistant III 15
Administrative Assistant II 13
Administrative Assistant I 11

2. In-Range Career Ladder

  • No Pre-Defined Track
  • Employee takes on additional duties
  • Job Analysis/Reclassification Requested
  • New duties may result in Title/Grade Change
  • New duties may result in Salary Adjustment

Example of an In-Range Career Ladder

Job Code Job Title Pay Plan Grade  Grade 
FLSA Status
2310 Manager, Autism Services Program 6 E
3354 University Compliance and Diversity Officer 7 E

3. Individualized Career Ladder

  • No Pre-Defined Track
  • Applies to positions at Director Level or Above
  • May be a Lateral Transfer (Horizontal) or Promotion (Vertical)
  • May also be a part of a Succession Plan

Example of an Individualized Career Ladder

Job Code Job Title Pay Plan Grade  Grade 
FLSA Status 
2262 Director, Art School 5 E
2276 Director, TDC Program 6 E
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