Additional Benefits

UHCL employees are provided additional and optional benefits through the State of Texas as well as the University and UH System.

  Longevity Pay

The University will pay full-time, non-academic employees a career incentive of $20 per month for every two years of service as an employee of the State, up to and including 42 years of service. Such career incentive pay will commence at the end of the second year and will be increased at the end of each two years thereafter. This benefit is paid only to benefits eligible, non-academic employees who are employed 100% FTE.

Longevity Pay Chart

   College Release Time

Regular full time employees may request paid release time up to three hours per week to attend a class. The request must be in writing on the College Release Time Application form and approved prior to registration. The course must be considered directly related to the current or prospective employment and judged to be of benefit to both the employee and the state.

  Tuition Reimbursement

This program offers a set amount of financial assistance to UHCL employees who want to pursue a degree or attend college courses for professional development. Reimbursement of educational expenses is considered taxable income in accordance with the Internal Revenue Service.

All benefits-eligible employees of the university are eligible to apply for reimbursement of tuition and/or fees, not including textbooks. The individual must have six months of continuous service within the UH System at the time of application for reimbursement and shall not have any financial obligations to the state of Texas in accordance with policy.








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