Professional and Administrative Staff Association

PASA's Purpose

  • To promote communication, cooperation, volunteerism, and unity among PASA members
  • To provide opportunities for professional development
  • To provide representation in the shared governance structure

PASA's Mission

The Professional and Administrative Staff Association (PASA) at the University of Houston-Clear Lake is an organization of UHCL professional and administrative individuals engaged in interaction and dialogue within the shared governance structure and with faculty, staff and students in all matters relating to their common welfare, opportunities and responsibilities. The association provides increased opportunities for its members through collective input, networking, scholarship and professional development, inspired by the experience and participation of its elected officials and committee representatives and in cooperation with its general membership.

PASA's History

The university's shared governance system evolved from the UHCL Faculty Senate, and at the time, applied only to faculty. To establish full participation and representation in shared governance, the support staff and professional and administrative staff formed a group to provide an identity and sounding block in shared governance. Shortly thereafter, by mutual agreement, the two constituencies (support staff and professional/administrative staff) decided to form separate organizations in order to provide distinct representation for the varying interests of the groups. Thus, PASA was formed in 1990, and within a year of its inception, obtained voting privileges. The forming of the group allowed a stronger interaction among the staff and an improved relationship between the departments.

PASA Bylaws
PASA Constitution

2016-2017 Board

PASA Board 2016-2017President: Trisha Ruiz
Vice-President: Nikki Olivas
Secretary: Julie Brenegan
Treasurer: Laura Molina-Guzman
Archivist: Ruby Villegas
Archivist Alternate: Kevin Kolstad
PBC Representative: Karen LaRey
PBC Alternate: Gracie Villareal
FSSC Representative: Andrea Crucian
FSSC Alternate: Kent Case
ULC Representative: Nikki Olivas
ULC Alternate: Ashley Green
Webmaster: Guillermo Rodriguez