Programs and Services

Diet and exercise are the most important and modifiable lifestyle determinants of health. ENHI is originally focusing on two programs that implement individualized exercise and nutritional interventions with regular evaluation for members of the community who have been diagnosed with chronic diseases or who are aging.

Muscle Matters Program

As people age, there is an inevitable loss of skeletal muscle, resulting in the reduction of strength and power. Most adults reach their peak muscle mass around the age of 40, but without proper nutrition and exercise, people can lose up to 3-5 percent of their muscle mass after the age of 40. That's why countermeasures taken earlier in life can prevent disability later. Muscle Matters is a monitored resistance, metabolic conditioning exercise and nutritional program designed to decrease or reverse the muscle strength losses that arise in the course of aging.

Eligibility: Community members 40 years and older. You may need clearance from your physician before starting the program.

Metabolic Health Program

Today, about two-thirds of Americans are either overweight or obese, and it's estimated that up to 50 percent of adults are insulin resistant. This program is a combined resistance, metabolic conditioning and nutritional program designed to improve insulin sensitivity, and decrease fat weight when needed. 

Eligibility: Community member with any of the following: diabetes, insulin resistance, obesity, cardiovascular disease, hypertension or abnormal triglyceride levels.   You may need clearance from your physician before starting the program. 

Joining a Program

Free Trial: November 12 - 30, 2018
Those committing to a program receive baseline testing and programming free of charge in December. All exercise and testing is completed in the ENHI Institute located within the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center.

Prior to registering, please schedule an appointment with ENHI to determine which program is best for you and if physician clearance is needed.  Contact us by email at or call  281-283-3381.


  • Monitored exercise according to your customized program (2 - 5 days per week) 
  • Document nutritional intake as requested
  • Participate in routine testing to adjust your specific program
  • Willingness to let ENHI use your blinded data for research


  • Open registration after December 1, 2018
  • In-person at Members Services (281-283-2331) in the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center.
  • Online - available late November

Cost: $50/month includes testing and individualized programming

Exercising in ENHI:

  • Bring: Water bottle with closed top
  • Wear: Closed-toed athletic shoes and comfortable exercise clothes
  • Day Locker: Available if needed


The individual services listed below are available for purchase without ENHI membership:

Service UHCL Student, Faculty and Staff Rate Community Member Rate
VO2 Max $75 $100
Body Composition Analysis (Bod Pod) $20 $40
Body Composition Analysis (bioelectrical impedance) $10 $15
Resting Metabolic Rate (coming soon) $75 $100
Running Gait Analysis $50 $80
Dietary Analysis $100 $125
Fall Risk Analysis $100 $125
Comprehensive knee injury screening $100 $150
Muscle performance testing $75 $100
Lactate Profiling (coming soon)