About ENHI

Exercise and nutrition are critical to improving chronic health. The Exercise and Nutritional Health Institute (ENHI) is a community-based initiative led by the exercise and health sciences academic program and provides resources, expert guidance and research-based support to help people in Bay Area Houston stay on track toward regaining their strength and health.

Here’s how ENHI can help you maintain your progress:

  • We involve faculty from multiple colleges, medical doctors, allied health professionals and students who are focused on health-related research.
  • The Institute is housed in UHCL’s 83,000-square-foot Recreation and Wellness Center, utilizing three state-of-the-art labs and general exercise space.
  • We evaluate clients to fit certain health criteria, then enroll them in specific programs designed to improve their health outcomes.
  • For a nominal monthly fee, members receive a routine health and performance screening, an evidence-based prescription that is monitored by trainers, and dietary advice from a nutritionist.
  • Members can volunteer to participate in research studies or novel exercise and nutritional interventions.