Justin Hansen

Justin Hansen

Justin Hansen arrived at the Environmental Institute of Houston in early 2018 where he will be working as a research assistant while pursuing a master’s degree in environmental science with an emphasis in biology at University of Houston-Clear Lake. His thesis work will involve evaluating spatial and temporal patterns of the American eel (Anguilla rostrata) in Texas.

Hansen came to us from Oregon State University where he earned a B.S. in fisheries and wildlife sciences and a minor in statistics. He brings with him a wide variety of experiences including ground fish sampling in the Oregon Marine Reserves with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and surveying foraging gray whales off the Oregon Coast with the Marine Mammal Institute at Hatfield Marie Science Center. More recently, Hansen spent a year and a half working as a collection technician at Oregon State University’s Ichthyological Collection where he assisted in the development of the Systematics of Fishes online course. He used a photo-tank submersion method to capture and edit images of fishes to produce publication quality photographs for their public online database. His experience in the collection led to collaboration with a Ph.D. student to investigate body shape evolution based on trophic ecology in Characiform fishes as part of an independent undergraduate research experience. He presented his findings at Oregon State University’s Research Advances in Fisheries, Wildlife, and Ecology symposium in 2017.

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