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Science Homework Help — On this page, you will find resources to help students connect science content to things they can see and experience. Videos, Interactive Explorations, and Interactive Videos engage students and encourage them to explore more on their own with your help.


Artist Boat - Coastal Heritage Preserve — Artist Boat is establishing a Coastal Heritage Preserve on Galveston Island and is looking for teachers interested in exploring by kayak with their students.

Eco-Schools USA (NWF) — Join 43 other countries in this international initiative designed to encourage whole-school action for the environment.

International Student Carbon Footprint Challenge — We can measure our personal CARBON FOOTPRINTS by calculating how much greenhouse gas our activities produce. Every time we turn on a light, travel by car, eat a meal, switch on a TV, or use anything that requires energy, we produce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that cause climate change. The CHALLENGE involves understanding the causes of climate change and then envisioning and embodying effective solutions so we, as a planet, can avoid the worst potential consequences.

Invasive Plant Field Guide for Houston-Galveston Region — The Quiet Invasion: A Guide to Invasive Plants of the Galveston Bay Area is available on request from the Galveston Bay Estuary Program or the Houston Advanced Research Center. This handy guide will help gardeners, land managers, and landscape architects identify invasive plants that can be harmful to local habitats.

Monarch Watch — Monarch Watch provides the public with information about the biology of monarch butterflies, their spectacular migration, and how to use monarchs to further science education in primary and secondary schools.

My Environmental Education Evaluation Resource Assistant (MEERA) — MEERA provides evaluation resources for formal and non-formal environmental educators. Current offerings include professionally selected and reviewed "how-to" guides and other resources for evaluating environmental education programs as well as a discussion forum. Future offerings will include searchable examples of evaluations of environmental education programs.

National Environmental Education Week — National Environmental Education Week (EE Week) is the largest organized environmental education event in the United States. By participating in EE Week, you encourage your students to make a difference in their schools, homes, and communities!

Save The Rainforest, Inc. — Offering trips, courses and travel to the tropics for school groups. It's not just an Adventure or Ecotour, it's a Call to Action.


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