Texas City ISD


  1. Field Experience Requests, students’ Volunteer Criminal History Record Check form and a Verification Letter are to be submitted to CPDT.
  2. Instructors must provide, for each student, a letter on UHCL letterhead, signed by the instructor stating the student’s name, program and the need for observation hours. 
  3. Texas City ISD Human Resources will notify the student directly regarding eligibility and will provide them with approval documents to take to the campus. 
  4. Once students have been notified of eligibility and obtained the approval documents, the instructor and/or student may contact the campus to arrange the time during which to conduct observations.


  1. Print and complete the Volunteer Criminal History Record Check form. Students are to include a good contact telephone number at which Texas City ISD Human Resources can reach you to inform you of your eligibility. 
  2. Submit completed form to instructor who will forward it, along with a Program Verification letter, to the district for processing.
  3. Once the background check has been completed, Human Resources will stamp and date the background check form.  Students will be notified if they have been cleared and sent the two documents.
  4. Once students receive the stamped documents, they should call the campus to arrange a time to conduct observations. 
  5. Students must bring with them to the campus, both documents sent to them by Human Resources.