Pearland ISD

Field Experience opportunities are provided for colleges and universities with contract agreements each school year.


  1. Pearland ISD will begin accepting Field Experience Requests for spring 2018 on January 8, 2018.
  2. UHCL Professors complete a “Field Experience Request Form” including a list of student names, content area/grade level, dates/times, and campus preference. Please list the NAME of the course (not the course number) on the form. Professors/instructors make direct contact with Roxana Rigdon by email to request placement in our district.
  3. Field Experience Requests and a typed list of students requesting observations in Pearland ISD are to be submitted to CPDT immediately after contact has been made with Roxana Rigdon.
  4. The list of students’ names must be typed, in 10-12 pt. font, on the Field Experience Request form or on a separate page.  The student roster page is too small and hard to read.
  5. A separate Verification Letter for each student is not required. 
  6. Do not highlight on the Field Experience Request form or list of students, as it does not scan well. 
  7. Professors should include the campus they prefer & cooperating teachers they have in mind.  If professors want HR to select the campus and cooperating teachers, they should write “any/please select” on the form.  If they don’t have specific dates and times planned, they should write “to be scheduled with teacher”. 
  8. Pearland ISD Human Resources will contact campus principals after receiving the Field Experience Request from CPDT.
  9. Pearland ISD will notify CPDT of eligibility status and CPDT will notify instructors.
  10. Once approved, Pearland ISD Human Resources will email professors/instructors, campus administrators, and secretaries a list of students expected on campus.
  11. Professors/instructors are responsible for communicating with campus administrators to pair their students with volunteer teachers and to seek approval of scheduled dates and times on campus once they have been notified of eligibility.


  1. Students read and follow the instructions located at:
  2. Complete the “Other/Volunteer” online application, only.  Do not complete an “Observation Request Form.  Indicate the position preference of “Observer” and the campus where you plan to observe.  State background check will be processed. 
  3. Once approved, students will be notified by their instructors of their eligibility and other instructions.