Goose Creek Consolidated ISD


  1. Goose Creek CISD accepts Field Experience Requests for the 2019-2020 school year beginning in August, 2019. 
  2. Field Experience Request forms and course rosters are submitted to CPDT.
  3. Instructors are expected to contact campus principals for Field Experience Requests and placements. 
  4. Goose Creek CISD emails the students and the campuses regarding the approval status of observations.
  5. Goose Creek CISD will notify CPDT of student eligibility status.  This information will be relayed to instructors.


  1. Please fill out the online Volunteer Application   website (   Please make sure to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as the web browser to view our updated website. 
  2. Click on “Volunteer Online” in the blue column on the right side of the webpage. You will then submit a “New Volunteer” application. If you have applied previously as a volunteer select the “Returning Volunteer” option.
  3. Print, read, follow and sign the instructions on the Observation Guidelines and Request for Observation Form.  Please note: ALL students requesting Field Experience, INCLUDING those employed by Goose Creek CISD, must complete these forms.
  4. Submit all of the completed forms to your instructor. DO NOT send to Lisa Steele, per the instructions.
  5.  Notify Lisa Steele at 281-707-3881 that the application has been submitted.