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Dickinson ISD


  1. Field Experience Requests and course rosters will be emailed to the CPDT office.
  2. Students are to submit a university or program letter, prepared by the instructor, stating their need to do observations. This letter should be added to each student’s required documentation and submitted to CPDT. 
  3. Instructors requesting Field Experience placements for entire classes should contact the campus for approval and placement prior to submitting a Field Experience Request to CPDT. Dickinson ISD campus principals prefer to have the details of Field Experience worked out with instructors before the winter break for spring 2018 Field Experience. 
  4. Instructors requesting Field Experience placements for individual students, or a small number of students, should not contact the campus. Placements will be determined by Human Resources and campus principals. Dickinson ISD will accept small-group submissions beginning spring 2020.
  5. Dickinson ISD notifies CPDT of approvals. CPDT will notify instructors, who will inform students of their eligibility status.


  1. Go to the Dickinson ISD website. Click on Departments. Click on Human Resources. Click on Classroom Observations.  
  2. Complete the Observation Contact Form
  3. Send the following items to Elvira Rosas at erosas@dickinsonisd.org:
    • Observation Contact Form
    • A copy of your university or program letter stating the need for observations
    • A copy of your driver's license
  4. Complete the Criminal History Information Form.
  5. A new packet must be submitted each semester that observations are requested.