Criminal History/Field Experience Information

*Deadline for Spring 2020 Field Experience Requests: Wednesday, February 26, 2020,           at 5:00 p.m.   No extensions. No exceptions.* 

General Information Instructions


  1. The absolute deadline for submitting complete spring 2020 Field Experience Requests to the Center for Professional Development of Teachers is Wednesday, February 26, 2020, at 5:00 p.m.  No submissions will be accepted after that time – no exceptions.
  2. Suite Secretaries will establish an absolute deadline for submission from Instructors that will insure the information is submitted to CPDT by its deadline.
  3. Instructors are to refer to school district requirements for submission of applications and Criminal History Background Checks, listed below. 
  4. Instructors will provide students with information about submissions for Field Experience, the web address of the Criminal History/Field Experience Information page and an absolute deadline for submission to the instructor and directed to complete any physical documents in BLACK INK ONLY. Paperwork completed in anything other than black ink should not be accepted.
  5. For those districts requiring that a Program Verification Letter and/or syllabus be uploaded and submitted with students’ online applications, instructors must provide a Program Verification Letter and/or syllabus to each student, unless otherwise noted in the district’s instructions. A sample Program Verification Letter is provided below.  The Program Verification Letter and/or syllabus must be provided to the students, if required by the district, and not submitted to the Suite Secretary, nor CPDT.
  6. Students will submit to their instructors hard copies of documents required to be submitted to district, if any, by the instructor’s deadline.
  7. Instructors will submit to their Suite Secretaries their completed Field Experience Request forms, class rosters and any additional required documents, by their Suite Secretary’s deadline.   
  8. A course roster must be submitted with each Field Experience Request form, even if students in the same section will be attending different campuses. 
  9. Instructors are to submit required materials only when they have received all materials from every student who will attend the same campus. No partial submissions will be accepted.
  10. One Field Experience Request form + 1 roster + all required documentation = 1 complete submission. If any of these items are missing, the submission is not complete. Any incomplete submission should not be sent to CPDT, and instead, should be returned by the Suite Secretary to the instructor. In the event that CPDT receives an incomplete submission, it will notify Suite Secretaries that the submissions will be “on-hold” and will not be processed until completed. 
  11. CPDT will accept only electronic Field Experience Request submissions, including any and all supporting documentation. All submissions should be scanned and sent via email only (NO FAXES) with the subject line to include the instructor’s name and requested district(s). 
  12. Students are required to complete the application/background check process each semester, unless otherwise indicated in the district’s instructions. 
  13. Every student, even if employed by, or an intern within the district, is required to complete the district’s application and background check process.
  14. Students must be instructed to notify their instructors when their online submissions are complete. They should print and keep for their records the submission confirmation. They should not submit those to their instructors, nor should those confirmations be submitted to CPDT unless requested. 
  15. Some districts notify students of their eligibility status directly. Students must notify their instructors when they receive eligibility information from the district.
  16. For those districts that do not notify CPDT of eligibility status, CPDT will contact their Human Resources department weekly for a status update.
  17. It is CPDT’s responsibility and role to work directly with school districts for Field Experience. Therefore, only CPDT should be in contact with district personnel concerning any aspect of the process – not students, instructors (unless indicated in district’s instructions), nor Suite Secretaries.  Any questions or concerns should be directed to CPDT.  Any communications from school district personnel regarding Field Experience should be directed to CPDT, as well.
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