Program Evaluation

  2018 Annual Report


Evaluation of the Counseling Program during 2018 while completing the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Programs (CACREP) self-study, indicated the following modifications. Most modifications provided below are applicable to both Clinical Mental Health Counseling (CMHC) and School Counseling (SC) programs. When only relevant to one specialty area, the individual program is indicated.
1. Establish additional written policies regarding student admission, retention, remediation, and dismissal.

Such policies were established and published. Policies affecting students directly are available in the Student Handbook. Other program operation related policies are available on the Faculty Shared Drive.
2. Adapt College of Education dispositional statement.
Counseling Program faculty modified and adapted the College of Education disposition statement.  This document is available under professional dispositions.
3. Update the Counseling Program Exit Interview to align with national accreditation standards and distribute through Qualtrics for efficient data gathering.
The updated Counseling Program Exit Interview is now distributed through Qualtrics.
4. Develop and disseminate an Alumni and Employer Survey aligned with national accreditation standards.
Survey results available upon request from Dr. Perera.
Because UHCL student emails are non-functional upon one year of graduation, student personal emails are collected during Practica experience to follow up with alumni surveys.
5. Compile Site Supervisor Feedback and implement suggestions.
Site supervisor feedback on student performance did not indicate need for any significant changes. Feedback is collected on an ongoing basis and is reviewed in program meetings.
To capture site supervisor program evaluation, two questions were added to the existing site supervisor evaluation of student form.
6. Solicit input from the Advisory Committee for programmatic changes.

Advisory Committee met in Fall 2017 and Spring 18. 
Suggestions and resultant changes.
o  Aligned the program to new LPC Board rules (CMHC)
o  Improved student community involvement
o  Marketed the program with new flyers
o  Made site information available to students
o  Changed summer class offerings to 8-week session
o  Pursuing national accreditation
o  Developing a different (online/hybrid) option to improve school counseling student enrollment (SC)
7. Establish Key Performance Indicators(KPI) in TaskStream with rubrics for evaluation.
Key Performance Indicators identified and Rubrics for evaluation built intoTaskStream for all eight core areas for national accreditation. Data collection for KPIs began in Spring 2018.  
8. Develop an online site-supervisor training option.
Online site-supervisor training option is available as of Spring 2019
9. Develop marking material.
Flyers and promotional cards were developed and approved.  Need to continue to develop more marketing material to recruit students.
10. Revise Program’s Web presence.
vWebsite was updated with video presence. Updated all pages of the Website with significant changes to the student resource section. Further, we aligned our Website to meet CACREP requirements.  The following social media were developed and are maintained for the Counseling Program.

 Facebook: @uhclcounselingprogram

Instagram: @uhclcounselingprogram 

 LinkedIn: @uhclcounselingprogram

Twitter: @UHCL_Counseling 

11. Improve community engagement of students.
vStudents and Faculty organized and participated in community events in Spring18 (i.e., Galveston Food Bank), Summer 18 (i.e., HIV/AIDS Walk) and  Fall 18 (i.e., Suicide Prevention Walk, Food Drive for Bridge Over Troubled Waters, and a School Supply Drive for Kate Bell Elementary
12. Conduct a scope and sequence evaluation.
Completed scope and sequence evaluation and submitted course change forms through the Academic Review Committee
13. Separate programmatic evaluations by specialty (i.e., CMHC and SC).
CMHC Program Evaluation Results
Ø Continue with offering quality courses to maintain 100% pass rate on NCE

SC Program Evaluation Results
Ø Continue with offering quality courses to maintain 100% pass rate on TExES
Ø Offer a different (online/hybrid) option to improve school counseling student recruitment and enrollment

  Number of Graduates
Semester/Year Clinical Mental Health Counseling School Counseling
Spring 2018 1 9
Fall 2018 4 0
  Completion Rate
Category Cohort Spring 18 CMHC Spring 18 SC Fall 18 CMHC Fall 18 SC
Starters n/a 15 5 13 2
Graduates n/a 1 9 n/a n/a
Completion Rates Spring 15 cohort 100% n/a n/a n/a
Completion Rates Fall 15 cohort n/a 71%  66%  71%
Completion Rates Spring 16 cohort n/a n/a  n/a  71%
  Job Placement Rate
Term/Year Clinical Mental Health Counselors School Counselors
Spring 2018 100% 100%
Fall 2018 100% No graduates
  State Licensing and Certification Results
Term/Year NCE for Clinical Mental Health Counselors TExES for School Counselors
Spring 2018 100% 100%
Fall 2018 100% 100%


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