Advanced Certification Program Application

After being admitted to UHCL, students seeking an advanced educator certification offered by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) must be admitted into the Advanced Certification Program. Advanced Certifications include: 

  • Principal as Instructional Leader 
  • Reading Specialist
  • School Counselor 
  • School Librarian 
  • Superintendent 

Students admitted into a UHCL program that includes one the above advanced certifications must apply and be admitted to the Advanced Certification Program before enrolling in the next semester.   

Applying to the Advanced Certification Program 

Admission to the Advanced Certification Program at UHCL requires that students be enrolled at UHCL in a College of Education in a program that includes one or more of the certifications listed above. 

Apply to the program by submitting all required paperwork, including your Advanced Certification Application, via the Blackboard COE Advanced Certification Program Admission Workgroup. Follow the Blackboard Self-Enrollment Instructions to join the workgroup and upload all your required documents. 

Please note that the first time you access the Advanced Certification application workgroup, you will be required to complete a statement acknowledging that you have read and agree to abide by the COE Professional Dispositions. Once this is completed, you will be given access to the application portion of the course.

Required items include the following: 

  • Advanced Certification Program Application: Complete and sign the Advanced Certification Program Application

  • Teacher Service Record: A copy of your teacher service record can be obtained from your district's Human Resources department. Please make sure that the service record has been signed by a district representative. Service records that do not include an authorized representative's signature cannot be accepted.

  • TEA Ethics Training Completion Certificate: TEA requires all certification candidates to complete the Texas Educators' Code of Ethics Training. If you have not completed this training for your district recently, you may complete it on the UHCL TEA Ethics Training site. Submit the Statement of Affirmation found on the last page of the Ethics Training Module. 

  • Mental Health/Substance Abuse/Youth Suicide Prevention Training Confirmation of Completion: TEA requires all certification candidates in Texas to complete training approved by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services (SAMHSA) or Suicide Prevention Resource Center (SPRC) in all of the following topics: Youth Mental Health, Substance Abuse, and Suicide Prevention.  As part of the application process you must submit proof of training completion in all three areas. 

Trainings may be completed through your school district as part of professional development, Continuing Professional Education (CPE) requirements, or via the resources below. 

    • "Youth Mental Health First Aid" training by It may be completed at a school district, a Regional Education Service Center  or a county Mental Health Association (i.e. MHA of Greater Houston). Be aware that this face-to-face training is only held a few times per year. Usually free.  Length:  8-hours. This training covers all three topics.

    • Kognito's "At-Risk for Elementary School Educators", "At-Risk for Middle School  Educators" or "At-Risk for High School Educators" online training.
      • Cost: $32 (length: 60-120 minutes)
      • Visit Kognito and click on, "Buy" and "Individual License" to complete the training. 
      • This training covers all three topics.  Print out or save the completion form at the end as proof of completion.
  • Texas Education Agency (TEA)-Advanced Certificate Program Admission Fee ($37.00): Please visit the UHCL E-Commerce site to pay the $37.00 Texas Education Agency (TEA)-Advanced Certificate Program Admission Fee (be sure to select the certification program).  This fee is payable by credit/debit card only and is non-refundable, therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are in the correct program and certification. TEA requires all educator preparation programs to collect this fee and forward it to TEA. TEA uses it to monitor your TEAL (TEA Login) account at the TEA website. If you are pursing more than one certification, you must pay a separate fee for each certification.  Attach the email receipt(s) to the application.

  • FERPA Release Form: Applicants must fill in, sign and submit to the UHCL FERPA Release Form. Please fill in "Waive" so that we can recommend you to school districts for positions at the end of the program. If you check off "Do Not Waive" we are not allowed to share any information with districts to help you in the hiring process. 

Application Processing

After completion and submission of the Advanced Certification Program Application and supporting documents, please allow up to 10 business days for the College of Education to process the application. If you are missing any information or your application is denied or pending, you will be contacted.

When approved, you will receive an email verifying your admission. You will then need to "ACCEPT" your admission by replying to the email with your acceptance.  Upon being admitted to the Advanced Certification Program, you will be cleared to enroll in the next semester. Contact the College of Education, Office of Academic Advising at 281-283-3600 or if you have additional questions. 


  • College of Education Office of Educator Certification

    Phone: 281-283-3618

  • College of Education Advising Center

    Phone: 281-283-3600

    Bayou Building 1231
    2700 Bay Area Blvd, Box 188
    Houston, TX 77058-1002