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Learning Achievement Tools (LAT) Resources for Faculty

We are currently experiencing LAT-Blackboard grade passback issues. If you use LAT to send grades from your scored rubrics to Blackboard, the grades will not show up at this time. We are working with our Blackboard and Watermark support teams to correct the issue. Thank you for your patience. 

Need Help Not Found Here? 

Use Watermark's new Taskstream LAT HELP Center, accessed directly from the upper right corner of  your LAT Screen. 

LAT Access

You must access LAT via the LAT Tool link in your Blackboard course using either Chrome or Firefox web browser.

If you determine you need to email for support, please be sure to include screen shots of your issue. 

Please note that the new Blackboard Duo authentication process make create issues when logging into LAT. Please review the Duo Troubleshooting Guide for assistance. Also, for best results, log out of LAT when you are done uploading assignments (click on the purple apps square in the upper right corner) and log out of Blackboard after each session. Don't just exit the browser tab. 

First Time using LAT?

If you are a new to using LAT, you must log in via the Blackboard LAT Tool link in your course to set up your account BEFORE your students will be able to submit their assignments! 

Help Documentation

Please note these documents were updated in November, 2020. You may need to refresh your browser and/or clear your browser cache to access the most recent version. 

Visit the UHCL College of Education YouTube channel where you will find our Taskstream LAT How-To video playlist with helpful video's for submitting work in LAT. 

Required Action: "Decide what to do with this evaluation"

Select the option to "Record as final and release evaluation to author now" even if you are assessing after the semester is over. Be sure the "Send External Email Notification" box is UNCHECKED. If you do not release the evaluation, it is not available in our data reports and has to be manually released by the system administrator. 

Record as Final Visual Instruction

Helpful Hints and Fixes

UHCL SUPPORT CENTER IS UNABLE TO ASSIST WITH LAT ISSUES. They do not have access to the system. Please find your specific issue below for support contact information. 

  • NOTE THAT DURING THIS TIME OF UNUSUALLY HIGH BLACKBOARD AND LAT VOLUME you may receive an assignment not mapped error, a login timeout error, a browser cookie error (even though browser cookies are on), and several other weird errors. Please clear your browser cache, and completely restart your browser. Make sure you are using only Chrome or Firefox to access LAT. These errors should clear after a few attempts to login in. If not, please contact LAT Support at the email or number below.

  • Access LAT only through your Blackboard course using only Chrome or Firefox browsers and turn off Pop-up Blocker.
    • Blackboard integration to LAT is not supported on Safari, IE, or Edge.
    • Using an unsupported browser will result in a timeout or session expired message.
    • If you are not using Chrome or Firefox you may get an error stating: "Authentication is possible but has failed or not yet been provided."
  • If students in your course receive an error that says: "Your program coordinator had not assigned an evaluator to you in our system." this means that you have not logged into LAT and established an evaluator account in the system. 
    • Please log into LAT via the Blackboard tool link in your course shell to activate your evaluator account. Instructors must log into LAT to ensure their "evaluator account" is established before students are able to submit work. 
    • Please log into LAT at the beginning of each semester, after course assignment mapping is complete, and before you ask students to submit any assignments, to ensure your evaluator account is correctly established for your course(s).
  • If students receive an LTI 1 error, please have them contact Watermark LAT support.
    • Due to past licensing processes, some students may have a duplicate account in the system that needs to be disabled.
    • This error may also appear if they have recently changed their name with the university system, but have the same email address. 
  • For any login errors not identified above, please call Watermark LAT support.
    • The Planning and Assessment Office and OIT Support are unable to assist with account login issues.
  • You may see students in your LAT assessment shell who are not in your course. This is because the students are populated by Blackboard and course lists are not updated in Blackboard during the semester. 
    • Just ignore these students. 
  • Not all courses are currently linked to LAT for assignment collection and assessment. Be sure to check with your course lead or program coordinator to clarify which courses have assignments created and linked in LAT.
    • If no LAT assignments have been linked to your Blackboard course, you will see this message: Currently there is no Taskstream assignment available for this course. 
    • If you know this is incorrect, please email the COE Planning and Assessment office. 
  • When emailing the COE Planning and Assessment office for help with LAT, please include the course rubric, number, and section (e.g. ECED 1314 section 2) plus a screen shot of the error message or issue in LAT. 
    • Please note that OIT support and course designers cannot assist with LAT problems. They do not have access to the system.
    • They can assist you with adding or removing the LAT link from your blackboard course. 

Contact Information

Technical Help

For technical support for LAT, including login, account, and missing uploads, please contact Watermark Support:

Email: (Be sure to include a screen shot of the issue.)
Phone: 1-800-311-5656

Missing Course/Assignments

If your course or assignment is missing, please contact Michelle Lane, Director of College of Education's Planning and Assessment:

Phone: 281-283-3602


  • College of Education Planning and Assessment

    Phone: 281-283-3602

    Bayou Building 1231
    2700 Bay Area Blvd, Box 188
    Houston, TX 77058-1002