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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need to get the FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot License before taking a training course?

No. Preparing you for the FAA Part 107 exam is part of the training courses. While not required to pass the exam, the courses also cover fight skills, drone mapping, drone inspection, and flight skills in public safety and emergency response.

Do you administer the FAA Pilot license test?

No. The training prepares you to take Part 107 exam. The exam is given by an FAA approved, 3rd party testing facility. Detailed instructions are provided in the training on how you sign up for the FAA exam.

Will this training help me to learn how to file Air Traffic Control authorizations?

Yes. The courses will show you how to use a free online tool to locate airspace, and file ATC authorization through the LAANC system.

Who can benefit from these training courses?

Anyone interested in earning their Part 107 certificate, learning to fly, understand the tools to make sure you're FAA compliant, create 2D/3D models from drone data, learn conducting drone inspection, or deploy drones for public safety and emergency response would benefit from the training.

Do I need previous experience using a drone to take any of these courses?

No. The courses are designed for those with no experience in mind. The intention is to take individuals without any previous drone experience and get them to a place where they are flying safely, following the FAA rules and getting the most out of their drone data in their field of expertise.