Who's Who

Who's Who is an important vehicle for honoring those students whose achievements deserve recognition. In the past, as many as 90% of the nominations have come from faculty. Your participation is critical and your effort is much appreciated.

2017 Nomination Form

  • Faculty/Staff: Nomination Form for Faculty and Staff (doc)
    Deadline: Fri, Feb 10 at noon
    Each faculty member is asked to nominate two students. There are no restrictions on the total numbers of nominees from each school.
  • Forms may be emailed from your UHCL email only to Lindsey Fulton at Fulton@uhcl.edu, sent by campus mail to Pearland Campus, Student Services or dropped off at the Dean of Students Office at SSCB 1.201.
  • Students: Nomination Form for Student Organizations (ppt)
    Deadline: Fri, Feb 10 at noon
    Students who wish to nominate a student must contact their student organization for the appropriate form, deadline and procedure.

Selection Criteria

  • Scholastic achievement
  • Participation and leadership in academic and extracurricular activities
  • Citizenship and service to the university and to the community
  • Potential for future achievement

Nominations to Who's Who National Program

The Student Life Council, composed of representatives from the faculty, staff and the student body, makes the final selection of UHCL nominations to the national program.

Who's Who 2015 - 2016 Recipients

Robin Aleman
Laeken Alswager
William Althoff II
Cinthya Angeles
Carla Bradley
Julie Brenengen
Nancy Crumb
Elizabeth Davis
Asia Donald
Makayla Ellis
Ashley Fisher
Liane Friedberg
Nishok Ganesan
Arlene Garcia-Chau
Michele Gibson
David Gonzalez
Amber Gross-Velez
Adriana Herrera
Brittany Hiett
Kevin Johnson
Paula Jones
Daniela Vazquez Klisans
Tho Le
Autumn Mason
Nisha Mathews
Juliana Munoz
Justin Murphy
Harsh Naik
Lilian Nguyen
Tri Nguyen
Charan Pulipalupula
Sai Shankar Ramakrishnan
Gowri Rapati
Katelynn Rivardo
Bianca Salina
Wayne Sallee Jr.
Sandy Samaan
Courtney Shaw
Darrell Stewart
Madison Stults
Victoria Duffoo Tirado
Truc Tu
Jose Velazco
Bao Vu
Jasmine Washington
Brianna Wilson
Leah Won


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    Office hours:
    Monday - Thursday, 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.
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