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September 2017 Knowledge Knugget

Cybersecurity Careers

Not a day goes by without hearing about the latest cyber-attack. In the latest high-profile attack, over 143 million people have been impacted by the theft of personal information (names, addresses, income, birthdates, social security numbers, and more) in the Equifax breach. Please visit if you think your credentials could be involved in Equifax's loss of data.

Maybe the cyber-attack is a major breach of a retail company’s customer data, or perhaps a co-worker was hit by ransomware. Although the U.S. Navy denies it, the deadly August 21st collision of the USS John S. McCain with an oil tanker has generated speculation the warship was victim of a cyberattack1. What do Anthem, Yahoo, Target, JP Morgan Chase, eBay, UPS, and DropBox have in common? Major data breaches.2

While there are an increasing number of bad guys out there, there is good news: jobs. Jobs for the good guys. LOTS of jobs for the good guys. Cisco reports:

Cybersecurity jobs are growing three times faster right now than IT jobs in general, and 12 times faster than the overall job market. In a 10-year period, IT security jobs have grown 74 percent. That growth is accelerating. Worldwide, organizations face a shortfall of 1.5 million cybersecurity-trained workers by 2019.3

Here are the hard facts. Job search website lists 11,404 cyber security jobs. in lists 12,229.4

What skills lead to a successful career in cyber security? First, there are the obvious: skill and experience with both programming and operating systems. Success in cyber security also includes information system networking and communications. Finally, training in computer systems security is necessary.

Are cyber security jobs limited to specific industries? Simply put, no. As our society transitions from being technologically advanced to technologically dependent, dangers in the digital domain are everywhere. Cyber security jobs are plentiful in obvious industries such as health care, finance, energy, and aerospace, to those once considered outlying but now in the mainstream: agriculture, manufacturing, and entertainment (HBO’s Game of Thrones was hacked in July 20175 ).

How does one get started in a cyber security career? UHCL is a great place to start. Our Network Management and Security Program covers the fundamental technology, concepts, principles and practices of modern Information Security operations, including access control, authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA), network security protocols, policy construction and enforcement mechanisms, contingency planning, and application security. Students who have successfully completed all four courses (NMS-1, NMS-2, NMS-3, and NMS-4) are awarded a UH-Clear Lake certificate in Network Management and Security.

We also offer an undergraduate minor in cyber security to computer science and information technology majors. At the graduate level, computer science and computer information system majors can specialize in cyber security.

What’s the bottom line? If you are good at computer technology and looking for a challenging career with job security, maybe cyber security is the path for you. Contact us today and we’ll help you explore your future in cyber security.


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Keith C. Drake, Ph.D.
Cyber Security Institute