Psychiatry Services

Counseling Services has a consulting psychiatrist on campus one day each week to see students. The consulting psychiatrist provides:

  • Psychiatric evaluations
  • Psychiatric treatment
  • Medication management

You must complete an initial consultation assessment before scheduling an appointment with the psychiatrist. Call 281-283-2580 to schedule your initial consultation.

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Call 281-283-2580 or visit Student Services and Classroom Building (SSCB) 3103

There are nominal fees for psychiatry services. Please consult the front desk or your therapist to discuss these fees in detail.


To be eligible for psychiatric services at UHCL, you must:


Many times, the psychiatrist will recommend ongoing contact with a therapist as an essential or required element of your treatment. In these cases, you must receive concurrent counseling to continue treatment by the psychiatrist.

You will be assigned an ongoing therapist at UHCL. If you are currently seeing a therapist in the community, you will still need to meet with our Community Resource Specialist (CRS) at least one time per semester. You must also be willing to sign a release for us to speak with your community therapist, if needed.

If you choose not to engage in ongoing counseling, we may refer you to a psychiatrist outside the university.

If the UHCL Counseling Services psychiatrist does not require concurrent therapy as part of the treatment plan, and you do not have an outside therapist, you must meet with the CRS at least two times per semester.


As part of your evaluation and ongoing treatment by the psychiatrist, they may require that you complete certain medical tests (e.g. blood work, urine drug screen, cardiac tests, etc.) before medication is prescribed or treatment continues. There may be additional costs associated with these tests.

You must arrange these tests and ensure that we receive a copy of the results before your next appointment.

ADHD Medication

To receive medication for ADHD, you must provide documentation of a diagnosis of ADHD.

If you have had previous treatment, you may submit a copy of previous medical records indicating a previous ADHD diagnosis that is substantiated by history and assessment.

If you have not previously had treatment, a current psychological assessment report indicating a diagnosis of ADHD is required. The psychiatrist will not prescribe ADHD medication without this documentation in place. UHCL Counseling Services cannot diagnose ADHD. 

Scheduling Psychiatry Services

Call the front desk at 281-283-2580 to schedule an initial consultation appointment.


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