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Visualization and Guided Imagery

Guided imagery and visualization are techniques used to help you imagine yourself being n a particular state. 
Recordings are designed to help you visualize yourself relaxing or engaging in positive changes or actions. These exercises can help you reduce anxiety, improve self-confidence, or cope more effectively with difficult situations. The video (mp4) recordings are located in Counseling Service's YouTube channel.

Mindfulness, Relaxation and Guided Imagery

Guided Imagery is a technique used to induce relaxation and decrease stress and anxiety. The recordings below allow you to visualize yourself in a peaceful scene. As you become absorbed in the scene you will deepen your state of relaxation. 

Title Description

Brief Mindfulness

A brief introduction to mindful awareness.

Audio only, 7:11 minutes, transcript
© Matthew Boone, LCSW

Leaves on a Stream Mindfulness

A brief mindfulness exercise with leaves on a stream imagery.

Audio only, 11:22, transcript
© Matthew Boone, LCSW

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Ease the tension in your mind and body.

Audio only, 7:04 minutes, transcript

Abdominal Breathing

Relax your mind and body by learning to breathe more deeply.

Audio only, 4:38 minutes, transcript

Beach Visualizationwalking down Galveston shoreline

Imagine relaxing on a beautiful beach.

Initially, you hear audio with a black screen for about 40 seconds. Then, images display with the audio.

8:57 minutes, transcript

Forest Visualization
walking through forest with tall trees

Visualize walking about in a wonderful forest.

Initially, you hear audio with a black screen for about 1:35 minutes. Then, images display with the audio.

4:25 minutes, transcript

Wildlife Sanctuary Visualization
some small trees, bushes, low foliage

Imagine wandering through a peaceful wildlife sanctuary.

Initially, you hear audio with a black screen for about  30 seconds. Then, images display with the audio.

5:44 minutes, transcript

Candle Visualization
two wide, low light candles glowing in a dark area

Experience the serenity of a room filled with candles.

Initially, you hear audio with a black screen for about 18 seconds. Then, images display with the audio.

4:33 minutes, transcript

White Cloud Visualization
white, puffy clouds in a blue sky

Visualizing relaxing, while floating on a soft, white cloud.

Initially, you hear audio with a black screen for about 18 seconds. Then, images display with the audio.

8:26 minutes, transcript

Peaceful Meadow Visualization
medium high grasses, and white and purple flowers

Experience the calmness of a peaceful meadow.

Initially, you hear audio with a black screen for about 36 seconds. Then, images display with the audio.

5:51 minutes, transcript

Visualization for Special Topics

Guided visualization is a way to help you relax and visualize the process of successfully doing or dealing with something you find challenging. The recordings below can help you face your challenges calmly and confidently.


Title Description

Managing Math Anxiety

Visualize studying for math successfully.

Audio only, 10:02 minutes, transcript

Body Image


Visualize yourself accepting and appreciating your inner and outer beauty.

Audio only, 9:54 minutes, transcript

Helpful Links

  • The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook, 4th Ed., by Edmund J. Bourne
  • The Body Image Workbook: 
    An Eight Step Program for Learning to Like you Looks, by Thomas Cash
  • The Mindfulness and Acceptance Workbook for Anxiety:
    A Guide to Breaking Free from Anxiety, Phobias and Worry Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, by John Forsyth and Georg Eifert
  • The Mindfulness and Acceptance Workbook for Depression:
    Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to Move Through Depression and Create a Life Worth Living, by Kirk Strosahl and Patricia Robinson
  • Performance Resource Press
  • Conquering Math Anxiety by Cynthia Arem
  • Union County College Academic Learning Centers
  • Mission College Math Learning Center
  • Rochester College Department of Speech
  • National Institute of Mental Health


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