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The staff of Counseling Services welcomes your contact.

Before emailing, please consider the following information to help you decide on the best method for reaching us:

  • Email is not appropriate for personal counseling. 
    If you are a UHCL student seeking personal counseling, please visit our office or call to make an appointment with one of our counselors.

  • Confidentiality cannot be guaranteed. 
    While we will do our best to keep your communications private and will not disseminate them without your permission, our university administration, like many other employers, reserves the right to monitor our email usage and might therefore see the text of your message. If you are in any way concerned about the contents of your email being read by someone other than the person you are contacting, you might want to consider alternate ways of contacting that person.

  • Replies are sent to the sender's email.
    When we reply to your email, we will respond to the address from which it is sent. If you do not wish others who may have access to the email account you are using to also have access to our response, please consider another means of communication.

  • We cannot respond immediately.
    While we check our email often, you have no way of knowing if one of us is unavailable due to illness, vacation, or other reason. This means that your message may not be received immediately. If time is of particular concern for you, you might want to consider calling the office instead.

We hope that these guidelines are helpful to you as you decide how best to reach our staff. We take your time and confidentiality very seriously and therefore consider it imperative that you understand the limitations of our use of email technology. If you would like to use email to contact one of us, please click on their name in the section below:

Cynthia A. Cook, Ph.D.

cindy cook
Cynthia A. Cook, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist
Executive Director of Counseling, Health and Career Services

Dr. Cook has been on staff at UHCL since 1999. She has had prior training experiences in other counseling centers, military settings, and community mental health. Dr. Cook believes strongly in the importance of developing a collaborative relationship with clients. Her clinical specialties include couples therapy and relationship issues, women’s issues, managing stress and anxiety, spirituality, and vocational counseling.

Jason Boothe, Ph.D.

jason boothe
Jason Boothe, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist
Associate Director and Clinical Director

Dr. Boothe has trained and worked in numerous settings, including VA hospitals, community mental health clinics, pain management clinics, and college counseling centers. Clinical interests include working with disability and chronic health/medical issues, trauma, mindfulness, interpersonal and relational concerns, identity development/existential concerns, multicultural issues, and group therapy.

Alexandria Ambrose, Psy.D.

alexandria ambrose
Alexandria Ambrose, Psy.D.

Licensed Psychologist
Senior Psychologist and Assistant Training Director

Dr. Ambrose has various clinical experiences working in university counseling, inpatient and forensic psychiatric hospital, and residential school settings. Her areas of interests include health psychology, coping with chronic illness, identity development, trauma, social justice advocacy, couples therapy, and intersectional feminist perspectives.  

Shavonne Fuller, Psy.D.

shavonne fuller
Shavonne Fuller, Psy.D.

Supervised by Dr. Cynthia A. Cook
Staff Psychologist

Shavonne Fuller, Ph.D. has several years of experience working in college counseling centers providing individual and couples therapy, group therapy, and outreach. Shavonne has also gained professional and clinical experience within community mental health, group homes, and juvenile detention settings providing an array of services including program development. Clinical interests include working with Black women, students who have been impacted by racial, community, and trans generational trauma, persons who are survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence and those wishing to explore their multicultural identity.

Amber Tempel, LMSW

amber tempel
Amber Tempel, LMSW
Licensed Master Social Worker (supervised by Kimberly Valdez, LCSW)
Community Resource Specialist

Amber is a licensed social worker and has been on staff at UHCL since 2018. She has worked in middle and high schools, outpatient mental health and a crisis center prior to joining Counseling Services. She supports UHCL students by assisting them in navigating various resources on and off campus. In addition, she is currently working on pursing her clinical social work license. Amber works to advocate, empower, and collaborate with students to provide holistic services based on their needs.

David Ranschaert, Psy.D

David Ranschaert, Psy.D
Licensed Psychologist
Associate Director and Training Director

Dr. Ranschaert has over a decade of working in the mental health field, and spent the last 7 working as a psychologist in university counseling centers. He has experiencing working VA outpatient and substance abuse centers, community mental health and an inpatient psychiatric hospital. He has experience conducting individual and group therapy, and administering psychological assessments. His clinical interests include supervision and training, multicultural factors in therapy, adjustment to college and university, and working with marginalized groups on university campuses.

Christina Tjok, M.D.

Christina Tjok M.D.
Consulting Psychiatrist

Doctoral Psychology Interns

Melissa M. Vélez, B.S.
Doctoral Psychology Intern

Alex Evans, B.A.
Doctoral Psychology Intern

Parrish Williams, M.A.
Doctoral Psychology Intern

Support Staff

laura velieLaura Velie

tanja reasonTanja Reason

jamie hesterJamie Hester


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