Recommended Software

UHCL Administrative Software Information
Approved by CSAC February 2012

University Computing and Telecommunications provides support for a variety of desktop software products for Windows and Macintosh environments for UHCL Faculty and Staff. Products fall into three broad categories; Recommended/Supported, Acceptable and Specialty.

Recommended/Supported Software Tier 1

The University will provide the latest version, UCT will install and provide support on these packages on UHCL-owned Computers. Training can be requested if time and personnel are available.  Support for Tier 1 is limited to UHCL faculty and staff.  

Software Category PC Applications Mac Applications
Office Suite Microsoft Office Microsoft Office
Word Processing Microsoft Word Microsoft Word
Spreadsheets Microsoft Excel Microsoft Excel
Presentation Microsoft Powerpoint Microsoft Powerpoint
Desktop Publishing Microsoft Publisher N/A
Project Management Microsoft Project N/A
Web Browser Internet Explorer Safari
Internet File Transfer WS-FTP Fetch
Telnet QVTnet OSX Telnet
Electronic Mail Outlook Outlook
Virus Protection McAfee Viruscan McAfee Viruscan
Operating System Windows OSX
Remote Access Cisco VPN Cisco VPN

Acceptable Software Tier 2

The following software packages must be purchased by the customer's department or school. UCT will install this software on a UHCL-owned computer and will provide limited support to UHCL faculty and staff on these packages as time and personnel are available.  

Software Category PC Applications Mac Applications
Adobe InDesign X X
Adobe Photoshop X X
Adobe Illustrator X X
Adobe Acrobat Pro X X
Camtasia Studio X X
Web Expressions X  
Adobe Dreamweaver X X
Adobe Flash MX X X
SAS X n/a
SPSS X n/a
Database Mgmt Microsoft Access n/a
Google Chrome X X
Mozilla Firefox X X
Instant Messaging Blackboard IM Blackboard IM
Web Conferencing Collaborate Collaborate
Desktop Sharing Collaborate Collaborate

1 UCT will provide support for the latest and one version back of the Recommended/Supported Software until the entire campus is on the latest version of the Recommended/Supported Software.

2 Current pricing can be found on SHI website:

3 The current license price for SAS is $50.00.

4 The current license price for SPSS is $85.00 for PC and Mac

5 Microsoft Access applications are provided by the University.

*Requires a person be registered for a course.

If a machine has an older version of an Operating System, then it is recommended that the customer should purchase the latest Operating System version that meets the University's security requirements.

Specialty Software Tier 3

Installation on a UHCL-owned computer will be provided when personnel are available on any software not listed above. Training and support are not provided for any specialty software as UCT may not have the expertise needed to assist on any given software product other than the recommended products. All non-recommended software must be purchased by the Schools or Department. Original media, documentation and a purchase request or the original receipt must be provided for any non-supported software as UCT adheres to all licensing agreements.