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University Computing and Telecommunications has adopted a project methodology as part of it's legislative responsibility to Texas Administrative Code 2054.001 and as a best practice to ensure UCT is meeting the university's business needs. If you would like to know more about our methodology, contact the Project Office.

Project Methodology

The project methodology is summarized in four high-level steps and applies to projects classified in tiers 0 through 3.

  1. Initiation: define the problem, researching options, and develop the business case for the need by determining the who, what, and why as well as determine alignment with university and state goals.
  2. Planning: establish commitments, schedule the work.
  3. Execution: Begin the procurement or development process and implement the solution.
  4. Close: Assess which if not all objectives were met.  Schedule time to follow up to make sure the solution is still meeting the needs of the university.  Document any lessons learned.


Projects are divided into tiers based on the perceived risk and the overall costs.

Tier Project Properties
O Critical to university business and must be complete on time.
1 High risk or cost is over $100,000
2 Moderate Risk or cost is between $ 5,000 and $100,000
3 Low risk or cost is under $5,000

Monthly Technology Project Updates

The project office maintains reports to keep the campus informed about technology projects across the campus. The Monthly Updates page requires a campus login.  

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The following forms are adapted from Texas DIR's PM Lite Methodology.

  1. User Story Worksheet
  2. Business Case
  3. Project Charter
  4. Project Closure
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