How to Set Up Accounts for Faculty Staff

Computer Login & E-Mail Account

  • Complete a Computer Account Application

  • Sign the form to agree to abide by UHCL's Acceptable Use Policy for this account. 

  • Secure your supervisor or department head's signature. 

  • Submit the completed application to the Support Center in B2300. 

  • Forms can be delivered in person, by email, paper fax, or e-fax

Your UHCL domain login and e-mail account will be created within two business days. Your e-mail will be set up on your office computer by your designated Computer Coordinator if specified on your account application form.  You can also log in via Webmail at:

Adjunct Account

Adjunct faculty can request a temporary account good for approximately one year and are renewable. Each department is responsible for submitting a list of returning adjunct faculty to the office of Human Resources prior to the start of each long semester. Adjuncts on this list will get their accounts renewed without a lapse in service.

Guest Account

Faculty and staff can request temporary accounts for their on-campus guests. Guest accounts can be requested for a specific period of time but typically are good for one day only. A temporary login allows guests to log onto any PC on campus.

Student Worker, Teaching/Research Assistant Account

Faculty and staff can request an account on the UHCL domain for students under their employ if needed. These accounts will be set to expire a few weeks past the end of each long semester and are renewable each semester at the request of the employing department.

Account Expiration

  • Full-time faculty and staff accounts have no expiration dates. Accounts expire if an employee leaves UHCL and goes through terminal clearance procedures. 

  • Account expiration dates for adjunct accounts are set to approximately one year from creation/renewal date.  The office of Human Resources notifies the Support Center of returning adjuncts prior to the beginning of each semester so their accounts generally are renewed before they expire.

  • Expired accounts are not deleted until they have been inactive for a period of one year.

UHCL Retirees

Full-time faculty and staff that retire from UHCL can request to keep their UHCL email accounts as a retiree.  This is typically done prior to going through terminal separation procedures, but can be done anytime within one year of separation.  Paperwork for securing your account as a retiree is available in the Office of Human Resources.

Web Space for Student Projects

Faculty - If your course requires your students to create web pages or share items via the web, you will need space on a web server for your classes.  For all such requests, contact and specify your course, using the catalog and class number (example: INST 5636) and the type of space you need.

If your class is part of the INST series, you'll need space set up on If your class is not part of the INST series and you need space for students to create web pages or share information via the web, you'll need space set up on the Coursework server -

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