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Queued Projects

Current Queued Projects

This list of projects remain inactive and in the queue until a priority level is assigned and resources are available to begin work. Please refer to our Project Update page for information on any of our active projects.

Priority Request Summary Sponsor Business Lead Est. Cost
TBD Annual Review for Faculty Using Workflow to track the Annual Report review process will provide more efficiency and control.  AAF TBD Unknown
TBD Chat Bot Facility on Parking and Transportation pages We are running into issues that we get many emails and calls about simple questions. A Chatbot can answer frequently asked question and when it cannot answer the question, an employee can join the chat box and answer questions live.  ADM Harry Glass  
TBD Course Evaluation Software End-of-semester course evaluations are not consistent between the four Colleges. COB is using a 3rd party software while the other Colleges are using in-house questions . Some questions are outdated and can be improved, as well as questions haven't been checked for hidden biases.   AAF Anton Dubrovskiy  
Med CRM Phase 2 Web enabled platform to connect students to staff or faculty for mentoring and other engagement opportunities.                             PRE Dwayne Busby Unknown
TBD Digital Signage Content Management System Centrally manage content functions for all digital monitors across the campus. ADV Joe Staley $9,000
TBD Faculty Bio's & Digital Measures Integration We would like to solve the issue of outdated faculty bios on the college webpages. And capitalize on our use of Digital measures. It seems there is a way to do this that leaves the ownership of the content in the hands of the faculty and also helps to ensure there are annual updates and that they stay current.  AAF Heather Kanenberg  
TBD Separate PD Phone Service Separate the police department’s phone system from the university phone system. ADM LeeBrian Gaskins Unknown
TBD Webinar Production Environment Improve the production value of UHCL webinars such as the Presidential Speaker Series. ADV Lori Lopez  

# notes

This column notes the priority of project requests, determined by the IT Priority Group.  Priority group meets every 4 months (once a semester) to review new project requests.  

  • TBD = Priority has not been assigned
  • Number between 1 and #: Priority assigned, but resources are not available to start work.

Sponsor Abbreviations

Each request must be sponsored by a division leader.  

AAF = Academic Affairs
ADM = Administration and Finance
ADV = Advancement
PRE = Strategic Partnerships Office
STU = Student Affairs

Estimated Costs

Cost are rough estimates and are subject to change once the discovery phase is complete.


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