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Approved Applications

University Computing is building an inventory of applications endorsed by the Chief Technology Officer. These applications are implemented as solutions for one or more departments.  If you have any questions about any of the listed applications, please contact the project office.

Application Notes, Key Features Source
Account Pick Up and Policy agreement

Application used to on-board faculty and staff.



Accreditation Management tool is designed to collect, document, organize, and share SACSCOC related information in a way that demonstrates compliance, and help gather crucial evidence for external stakeholders.

3rd Party

Active Visual System 

A Facility management platform by Advanced Technology (ATG)

3rd Party

Advising Application

To be able to track the students and also attend to them immediately when they visit the school advising offices.


ArcGIS Geographical information system.  We currently run two implementations; one for academic use and the other for administrative and research use.   3rd Party
Blackboard Course management system for web-supported and fully online courses. 3rd Party
Blackboard Connect SMS communication system for current students. 3rd Party
Collections Management A short term solution designed and developed using MS Access.  Access database manages the inventory of art pieces that are displayed throughout the campus. In-House
DUO Multifactor Authentication app for improve information security across the campus. 3rd Party
Ecommerce – Online Payment Portal      

Used as a registration and online payment system for some departments

  • Event registration system along with online payments
  • Student web conference registration
  • Carrier fair registration
  • Psychology services online – patient visits, appointments, notes

Branded as GetInvolved, Engage is a comprehensive solution for student engagement. Student Involvement and Leadership services use it to streamline the administration of campus organizations and events.

3rd Party

Environmental Health and Safety – Food Permits

Allows administrators and those assigned to handle the appropriate risk levels the ability to review temporary food permit requests, approve and deny requests, manage attached documents, and generate Open Flame Permits, Home Operation Food Statements, and Temporary Food Permits.


EHS Assist Powered by Onsite Systems is an extensive database tool to help manage Environmental Health & Safety requirements such as training, inspections, inventories, permits, provide access to chemicals safety data sheets hub. 3rd Party
Everbridge SMS, voice and e-mail communication system for emergency management notification. 3rd Party
Faculty Skills and Areas of Study Application

For faculty to store their skill set and to be able to match with the area of study and research.


Faculty Research Database An in-house application to help faculty collaborate on research interests and expertise. In-House
Fee Schedule Calculator

For students to estimate their tuition based on the number of courses that they want to enroll.


Food Permit Application Facilitate the food permit process for university events. In-House
Fusion Recreation Management System by Innosoft Canada Inc. 3rd Party
Handshake Branded as Jobs4Hawks, Handshake is a web-based career management system with campus-based authentication that supports career activities including job posting, contact management, career fairs, and much more. 3rd Party
Helios Calendar An event calendar management system supported by OmniUpdate and powered by Helios.  You can add and manage events, locations, and various reports and newsletters. Events can either be directly added by administrators or submitted by other users for approval. 3rd Party
IMLeagues Online intramural league registration program. 3rd Party
iModules Approved by UH-System; an E-mail marketing for alumni, donors, and community partners. 3rd Party
International Student Documents
  • Documents collected from international students for their admission
  • Communication tool between international advising and students for the required documents

International Student Database -   ISD is used to collect data for international students during their admission process and as well as after they are admitted.


International Recruiting Agency

International Recruitment Agency – IRA is used by agents that will help the University to recruit foreign students.


Long Distance Code Request

Request a long distance code.


Maxient Approved by UH-System, Maxient is a student incident reporting system.  3d Party
Mercury (RMS) RMS Mercury is a Housing management software solution, used by Student Housing and Residential Life. This includes custom housing applications, contracts and electronic signatures, online payments, student self-assignment, staff screens and menus. 3rd Party
Online Evaluations

Tracks online course evaluations. Sends reports to each college. Creates specialized online reports for the College of Human Science and Humanities. 


Online Internship Application

College of Education uses this system to match and schedule students for internship programs.


Online Personnel Form Management System

Database to store all the forms that are required by the adjuncts before they can start teaching.  This tool also is used to communicate between the adjuncts and suite secretary to track the progres.


ParkMobile App

An app that allows Pay-by-Cell payment for the parkers. Existing handheld devices can audit vehicles and license plate. Enforcement solution integrates with T2 Parking system and supports citation issuance.

3rd Party

Portal Survey App (PSA) Allows UHCL employees to create and administer surveys. In_House
Profiles – User Management Tool

Profiles – A user management tool used by our Support Center and student support partners. Employees and students can use the password reset tool to update their password.  Data is downloaded from main campus into a local database.  Backend processes manage account creation and sunsetting.  The Profiles tool also includes a course verification tool for students to check the status of their courses.



Web-based survey tool. Additional support information can be found on OIT's software page.

3rd Party
Radius A CRM product developed by Hobsons, recently acquired by Campus Management. Allows Enrollment Management Counselors (EMCs) to collaborate on enrollment cases. Includes the core product (Radius), an SMS notification (Mongoose), and an Outlook Plug-in to capture and centralize e-mail communication from any EMC. 3rd Party
Schedule Selection

Online application to be able to see the classes.


School Information Project

Information is given for any degree program.


Spider Impact

Spider Impact is a strategy and key performance management system by Spider Strategies. It is designed to automate the Balanced Scorecard methodology. Strategy Office team use the system to create live, interactive strategy maps, dashboards, reports, and more, to demonstrate progress toward the university's strategic plan

3rd Party

Student Internship and Affiliation Agreements

College of  humanities and health sciences uses this system to match and schedule students for internship programs.


Syllabus Tool

Store syllabus for all the courses, semesters and faculty in one place and is used for accreditation purpose.


Terra Dotta Terra Dotta is designed to house applicant, program, and risk management information about student, faculty, and staff travelers. UHCL Education Abroad and Scholar services will use the system to track inbound and outbound students, independent student travelers (for non-credit international experiences), faculty/staff travelers, and a dynamic travel alert system based on GPS phone coordinates, using U.S. Department of State travel alerts.  3rd Party
Titanium Titanium is an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software designed for counseling centers and other facilities that have a similar work flow like psychology department teaching clinics, disability centers, etc.  3rd Party
TouchNet A suite of products (WebAdmin, OneWeb (branded as HawkCard), PAdmin) to manage student and employee identification badges, university dining dollars, point of sale menu and market items.   3rd Party
Transfer Guide

For prospects to see how many credit hours that they can transfer based on the current transcripts from different schools.


Unit Assessment System (UAS) Assist the College of Education with student academic performance. In-House
Vendini Ticketing system for the Bayou Theatre.  Allows theater to manage ticketing for theater events through the web. Patrons can purchase tickets, pick seats and pay online. 3rd Party
Water Logs Developed for the Environmental Institute of Houston.  Application reads creek data from sensors via satellite every hour at the 15 minute mark and displays that data in a visual graph.  Data can also be downloaded as a CSV file over specified date intervals.   In-House


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