What to do if you suspect sensitive University information has been exposed

If you suspect that University information has been exposed to unauthorized individuals either through the loss or theft of your computer, tablet, smartphone or storage media or through a computer compromise, immediately contact the UCT Support Center at extension 2828 or supportcenter@uhcl.edu and let them know that an information security breach may have occurred.  They will notify the appropriate individuals who will contact you to discuss the details surrounding your suspicions. 

To ensure your safety in cases where criminal activity is involved, you should NOT investigate the incident yourself nor should you share information regarding your suspicions with anyone outside of the data breach response team.  The team will proceed with its investigation to determine the following information: 

  • The type of confidential or sensitive information that may have been exposed,
  • Whether criminal activity might have been involved and/or a lack of compliance with University policy
  • What our obligations are to any individuals affected by the exposure.

The prompt execution of the University's data breach response can potentially reduce the damage done to our constituents and any penalties the University may face, so it is critical that you report of the incident to the UCT Support Center at extension 2828 or supportcenter@uhcl.edu as soon as possible.

  • UCT Support Center

    Phone: 281-283-2828
    Email: supportcenter@uhcl.edu

    Bayou 2300
    2700 Bay Area Blvd.
    Houston, TX 77058-1002

    Office hours:
    Monday - Thursday, 8am - 10:30pm
    Friday - Saturday, 8am - 5pm
    Sunday, Closed