Blackboard Student Support

UHCL uses the Official Blackboard Learn Help Site . If you've not visited the Official Blackboard Help Site before, we recommend you visit the site to;

  • Reference information about Blackboard tools and features
  • Access commonly-asked questions in the FAQs section
  • Check out new tips in the In the Spotlight area
  • Enter keywords into the search field provided to look for information on specific topics.

Several UHCL-specific documents will remain on this page. Instructions and videos on the Blackboard Help Site are extremely useful and concise. Information on Blackboard Collaborate is on the Help Site.

There is also an online Blackboard training available to UHCL students. The short, self-paced course will introduce you to our Blackboard system. You'll learn how to use key Blackboard features/tools and you'll learn how to avoid technical issues while learning in Blackboard. Students may self-enroll in the training at any time.

If you have questions regarding anything not addressed on this page or the Blackboard Help Site, please feel free to contact the Support Center at 281-283-2828 or by email at When reporting a Blackboard-related issue to the Support Center, please include in your email (or be prepared to tell the Support Center staff member who takes your call) the following information:

  1. Your name and student ID number
  2. Your email address
  3. The rubric, course number, section number, and instructor of the course in which you experienced the issue. For example, please state that the problem "occurred in INST 3313.04, taught by Mrs. Opalenik," rather than the problem "occurred in my Blackboard class."
  4. The location within the Blackboard course at which you experienced the problem. For example, please state that "I was trying to submit an assignment called Midterm Essay, which is located in the Assignments area of the course," rather than, "I couldn't submit my assignment."
  5. The date and time at which the problem occurred.
    If possible, one or more screen captures of any error messages that you received or that demonstrate the issue that you are reporting.
  6. To save time, please provide as much information as possible about the device that you were using at the time the problem occurred. Critical information needed to troubleshoot your problem includes:
    1. Device Type (e.g., desktop, laptop, tablet, smart phone, etc.)
    2. Location (e.g., at UHCL, at home, at work, at Starbucks)
    3. Internet Connection (wireless or wired; dial-up, cable, DSL)
    4. Operating System and Version (e.g., MacOS 10.10, Windows 8.1)
    5. Web Browser and Version (e.g., Firefox 45.0.2,Chrome Version 49.0.2623.112 m)

The more information that you can provide when you report the issue the more quickly we will be able to diagnose and resolve your problem. Please note that neither anyone in the Support Center nor on the Course Development and Support Team can reset, clear, or otherwise alter an assignment submission or test/quiz attempt without written (email) permission of the course instructor.

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