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Most of our forms are adapted from Texas DIR's PM Lite Methodology.

  1. Technology Project Request Form: Addresses two key questions. Is this request a good idea?  Does this request have sponsorship from executive leadership?   
  2. User Story Worksheet: A guide for documenting requirements to include in the Business Case.  Who are the stakeholders? What features do they need to accomplish critical business objectives?
  3. Business Case: Documents the scope, cost and ROI, to determine if this the request still a good idea. Establishes and documents buy-in from stakeholders.
  4. Project Charter: Formally authorizes the existence of the project.  Clearly outlines the scope, timeline, and costs of the project. Empowers the project manager to apply organizational resources to project activities. 
  5. Support Handover: Supplies our Support Center with the information to support or refer students, faculty, and staff.
  6. Project Closure: Finalizes the completion of the project and ensures all objectives have been met.
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