Meet the Staff

Classes are taught by Dr. Waltz, university students, certified teachers, and others with strong backgrounds in art and/or art education.

  Dr. Ann Waltz — Director
  It is a privilege to teach children and young adults from our diverse community.  Our rich content-based lessons build connections across cultures and time. Students begin with dialogues and activities to enhance perception, explore concepts, and expand ideas. Materials and techniques from various media are introduced and modeled.  Each student is encouraged to create his or her own personal visual expressions.  Our staff enthusiastically shares the goal of enriching your students’ artistic knowledge and visual fluency.  Thank you for the opportunity to provide your children with a time and place to develop their own unique creative skills!
  Beth Sheppard — Secretary

Beth manages registration, enrollment records, and scheduling.  She is eager to assist and inform when questions arise.  Beth can also provide information to anyone interesting in volunteering to work with the art school.

  • Art School for Children

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