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Unix Lab (D158)
About the Unix Lab

The Unix lab is situated in Delta 158. It is set up so that at any given time, it could be partitioned to hold a class of up to 32 workstations. The lab has been upgraded with latest and faster processing machines with Ubuntu OS. Not only that, the lab has eight Intel-based iMac computers.

Facilities Available in Lab

We have 24 Gateway Workstations in Unix lab. All Gateway machines have Ubuntu 12.04 32-bit operating systems installed on them. The lab also comes equipped with a printer: HP LaserJet 8000N.

Hardware Details
  • Intel Pentium 4 Processor CPU 3.20 GHZ
  • Frequency 3199.866 MHZ
  • 1024 KB L2 cache
  • 17" monitor
Softwares Available
  • C & CPP
  • Java with Netbeans & Eclipse
  • mySQL workbench
  • Python
  • NASM
  • Perl
  • LISP
  • TCL
  • Tk Tool
  • Putty
  • CUPS (printing system)
  • Tree (list directories in tree format)
  • Unrar (zip and unzip rar files)
  • gedit, Jedit and Emacs editor (text editors)
  • Shutter (Snipping Tool)
  • Nautilus plug-ins for opening terminals
  • Brasero(CD Burning tool)
  • gimp(Image editor)

We also have 8 Apple iMac Machines available on this lab.

Where can I get help for the Unix lab?

The unix lab has its own FAQ. Questions outside of the Unix FAQ's scope should be directed to Krishani Abeysekera.

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