Writing Center: Receptionist

Position Closed

  • Writing Center Receptionist - Closed
  • Department
    Writing Center
  • Location
    SSCB 2101
  • Responsibilities

    The Writing Center is looking for a reliable student to join our staff this summer. The Writing Center Receptionist works at the front desk greeting students, faculty, staff, and visitors. The receptionist manages student requests for appointments, answers phones, enters information into a database, explains policies, emails students, and assists with implementing the center’s vision and mission for university writing practices. With acceptable performance, the receptionist will be rehired for future semesters.

  • Qualifications or Preferences

    Due to the high level of interaction with students in person and over the phone, the candidate must have excellent spoken and written communication skills and be capable of managing student requests with patience and good humor.

    Candidate must be able to:

    • - Manage the front desk without extensive supervision.
    • - Operate a database to schedule appointments and create student accounts.
    • - Assist students in the center with minor computer issues, such as problems logging in or using software like Microsoft Word, Blackboard, or Google Docs.
    • - Maintain a positive and enthusiastic attitude.
  • Deadline
  • Start Date
  • Rate of Pay
    $8.30 an hour
  • Hours per Week
    8 - 19 hrs/wk
  • Preferred Work Hours

    We are open during the summer semester:

    • Monday - Thursday: 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.
    • Friday: 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

    Students, please indicate your availability on the application.

Application - Closed
Not accepting applications.

General Info
General Eligibility Requirement
To be eligible for this on-campus job, I acknowledge that I meet the following requirements for the semester in which I will be employed:
- I am a degree-seeking student.
- I am not on academic probation.
- I'm enrolled for at least 9 hours as an undergraduate OR at least 6 hours as a graduate.
- I have no Honesty Code violations on file or in-progress.
Your Availability
When are you available for work?
Your available work hours must not conflict with your regularly scheduled classes.
Finishing Up
When you submit your application:
- A Thank You message is displayed on the page when your application is sent successfully.
- No follow-up with Career Services or the employer is necessary.
- You will be contacted by the employer only if you are being considered for an interview.