Disability Services: AST Student Tech IV

Position Description

  • Accessibility Support Team (AST) - Tech IV
  • Department
    Disability Services
  • Location
    Bayou 2504
  • Responsibilities


    • Modifies and creates accessible Word, PDF, and PowerPoint documents.

    • Creates captions and transcripts for multimedia purposes.
    • Discusses modifications made in-person and/or by phone/email with document owner.
    • Assists in planning and conducting workshops presented for the UHCL community.
    • Trains staff and faculty one-on-one as needed.
    • Signs non-disclosure agreements, if needed.
    • Completes other tasks as requested.

    Note: Some documents require small changes, while others need to be re-created. Document sizes vary.

  • Qualifications or Preferences

    The ideal person:

    • Works independently to assess and convert documents as assigned.

    • Has in-depth knowledge of and experience with Word, PowerPoint, Acrobat Pro, and InDesign.
    • Has knowledge of utilizing captioning software and creating transcripts.

    • Effectively discusses the details of a conversion or problem in email, phone, or in-person.

    • Manages documents requiring changes and creates new documents as needed.

    • Reviews the work of self and others.

    Applicants must:

    1. Be a current UHCL student.

    2. Have two or more years of experience in a college/university environment. 

    3. Interpret multimedia projects to ensure the quality of captions.

    4. Understand an existing document's content and areas of emphasis before converting it to be accessible to readers with disabilities, which include blindness, low vision and focus issues.
      For example:
       - Convey document structure/outline using appropriate styles.
       - Tag meaningful and decorative images appropriately.
       - Add descriptions to tables.

    5. Have effective verbal and written communication skills.

    6. Have advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office and Acrobat products.

    7. Advocate for accessibility by developing an appropriate mindset and by following procedures and guidelines for implementing accessible techniques.
  • Deadline
    Until position filled.
  • Start/End Dates
  • Rate of Pay
    $10.17 an hour
  • Number of Hours

    Up to 20 hours/week

  • Preferred Work Hours
    • Mon - Fri: Variable
    • Sat - Sun: Closed

    Students, please indicate your availability on the application.

Application - AST: Student Tech IV

General Info
General Eligibility Requirement
To be eligible for this on-campus job, I acknowledge that I meet the following requirements for the semester in which I will be employed:
- I am a degree-seeking student.
- I am not on academic probation.
- I'm enrolled for at least 9 hours as an undergraduate OR at least 6 hours as a graduate.
- I have no Honesty Code violations on file or in-progress.
Job-Specific Qualifications
Product Knowledge
Your Availability
When are you available for work?
Your available work hours must not conflict with your regularly scheduled classes.
Finishing Up
When you submit your application:
- A Thank You message is displayed on the page when your application is sent successfully.
- No follow-up with Career Services or the employer is necessary.
- You will be contacted by the employer only if you are being considered for an interview.