COVID-19 Updates: Safety Protocols Remain in Effect for UHCL. Message from the President.

Campus Postings


  • All the flyers that are to be posted On Campus need to be stamped in the Student Life Office.
  • Permission to post flyers outside office suites may be granted only by staff members in that office.
  • Any event held on-campus needs to include the American Disability Act disclaimer.
  • All flyers will be up for a maximum of one month.
  • Flyers are only to be posted on approved boards and kiosks.
  • Flyers are not to be posted on glass, window, doors, wood railings or walls, bathrooms, elevators, etc.


Non-UHCL Organizations: A maximum of 4 flyers can be posted on approved kiosks. You need to ask for locations to post when you have your flyer stamped.

UHCL Student Organizations and Offices: A maximum of 35 flyers can be posted in approved locations for all sponsored events.