Student Organizations

University of Houston-Clear Lake offers more than 90 student organizations.

View Contact a Student Organization to select orgs of interest or browse through the detailed list below. Please note Fall 2017 organization recognition updates are expected in October.


Accounting Association - ACCT

We are focused on providing students with an entry into the accounting world. Sponsored by Institute of Management Accountants, we promote student professional development and personal growth. Officially recognized October 2017.

President: Kevin Green
UHCL Advisor: Dr. Haeyoung Shin
Updated: 24-Oct-2016

Actuary Club - AC

Officially recognized: October 2017

Alpha Kappa Delta (Sociology) - AKD

AKD honor society seeks to acknowledge and promote excellence in the study of sociology, the research of social problems, and to help improve the human condition through social and intellectual activities. Officially recognized October 2017.

Presidents: Deena Branch and Karina Pacheo
UHCL Advisor: Dr. Amy Lucas
Updated: 23-Oct-2016

Alpha Phi Sigma National (Criminal Justice) - APS

Alpha Phi Sigma is the National Criminal Justice Honor Society. It is an organization for students within the criminal justice field to explore the field in reference to professionalism, ethics, and research. Officially recognized October 2017.

President: Amber S. Gross-Vélez
UHCL Advisor: Joyce Delores Taylor
Updated: 23-Oct-2016

American Dental Society - ADS

ADS is dedicated to providing information in order to educate and prepare students for the dental field and various aspects of the dental profession. We provide members with many necessary skills for building a competitive application. Officially recognized October 2017.

President: Samar Farooqui
Updated: 24-Oct-2016

American Marketing Association - AMA

We are dedicated to teaching students how to succeed in the business professional world as well as how to market themselves to future employers. Networking is also an important part of our org mission. Officially recognized October 2017.

President: Faith Huff 
UHCL Advisor: Dr. Robinson
Updated: 03-Aug-2016

Applied Behavior Analysis Student Organization - ABASO

This organization shall educate the students of University of Houston- Clear Lake campus and the community regarding the field of Applied Behavior Analysis. The secondary purpose of this organization is to advance the field of Applied Behavior Analysis. Some of the ways in which the organization accomplishes these goals are through participating in TxABA, fundraisers, and community outreach events. Officially recognized October 2017.

President: Rachel Jackson
UHCL Advisor: Dr. Sarah Lechago
Updated: 24-Oct-2016

Art Association - ART

The UHCL Art Association is a student organization dedicated to bringing UHCL students and alumni together to be enriched in the local art community. Any student interested in art is encouraged to join the art association regardless of their field of study. Officially recognized October 2017.

President: Nancy Crumb
UHCL Advisor: Clay Leonard
Updated: 03-Aug-2016

Association for Computing Machinery - ACM

Officially recognized  October 2017.


Bay Area Rugby Club - BARC

Bay Area Rugby Club is a Division III club in the south Houston area of Clear Lake. BARC is a member of USA Rugby and is in the Texas Local Unions. The club has a proud tradition dating back to 1974 and most recently the 2006-2007 division III Texas and Western Union Champs. Officially recognized October 2017.

President: Chris Reidz
UHCL Advisor: Vacant
Updated: 29-Jun-2016

Behavioral Neuroscience Student Organization - BNSO

This organization is for anyone interested in neuroscience, biology, and research. Our purposes are to inspire students, foster intellectual growth and to unite students who are interested in neuroscience. Officially recognized October 2017.

President: Lauren Castillo
Updated: 20-Oct-2016

Beta Alpha Psi | Zeta Upsilon Chapter - BAP

Our organization helps students improve their scholarship and knowledge in Accounting, Finance, and MIS while providing opportunities to network with local professionals. Officially recognized October 2017.

President: Jessica Stansel 
UHCL Advisor: Dr. Randall Zhaohui Xu
Updated: 27-Oct-2016

Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society - TRI BETA

TriBeta is an honor society open to students of the biological sciences. We promote research and scientific scholarship along with the dissemination of all scientific knowledge, particularly biological, to our graduate and regular members. Officially recognized October 2017.

President: Emma Greiner
UHCL Advisor: Dr. Russel Minton
Updated: 23-Oct-2016

Bilingual Education Student Organization - BESO

BESO offers anyone who is interested in bilingual or ESL education to work together as a community; to solidify a foundation for a better future. BESO will also educate not only our members but others as well of the benefits of bilingual education. Officially recognized October 2017.

UHCL Advisor: Viola Vela
Updated: 23-Oct-2016


Campus Activities Board - CAB

The Campus Activities Board is a fee-funded program area of Student Life. We plan events and activities for students by students. Officially recognized October 2017.

President: Makayla Ellis
UHCL Advisor: Patrick Cardenas
Updated: 24-Oct-2016

Cancer Awareness Survivorship and Support - CAS

CAAS is here to bring cancer awareness to the UHCL community and to encourage and celebrate cancer survivors as well as to support and be to the side of those who lost a loved one to cancer. Officially recognized October 2017.

President: Luz Yadira Pena
UHCL Advisor: Vacant
Updated: 24-Oct-2016

Catholic Campus Ministry - CCM

Officially recognized October 2017.

Chemistry Club - CHEM

An organization dedicated to enhancing students’ knowledge of the chemistry field through events, speakers, and tours. Officially recognized October 2017.

President: Diveanne Martinez
UHCL Advisor: Anton Dubrvskiy
Updated: 24-Oct-2016

Chess Club

Officially recognized October 2017.

Chinese Student Association - CSA

Chinese Student Association is the family of Chinese students at UHCL. Our organization provides members an opportunity to learn about Chinese culture. There will be parties during each traditional Chinese festival. Please come and join us! Officially recognized October 2017.

President: Jing Guo
UHCL Advisor: Vacant
Updated: 24-Oct-2016

Clear Lake Anime Watchers - CLAW

We screen international animation, mainly Japanese animation (anime), every Friday. All of our showings include time for dialogue after each title is shown. We strive to be as inclusive as we can. Officially recognized October 2017.

President: Alexander Roozegar
UHCL Advisor: Vacant
Updated: 23-Oct-2016

Clinical Psychology Student Association - CPSA

In an effort to afford members exposure to their chosen professions, CPSA seeks to provide a cohesive atmosphere that fosters the sponsorship of colloquia and participation in the advancement of psychology within the university and surrounding communities. Additionally, CPSA seeks to afford members the opportunities to create a sense of community within the organization, the university, and society. Officially recognized October 2017.

President: Stephanie Wangs
UHCL Advisor: Vacant
Updated: 22-Oct-2016

Communication and Digital Media Association - CDMA

The Communication and Digital Media Association (CDMA) welcomes all undergraduate and graduate students at UHCL, regardless of major. CDMA is actively involved in campus events and hosts workshops and study groups that help develop communication and digital media skills outside the classroom. CDMA also tours communications and media companies, giving members a chance to meet and network with professionals in the field. Officially recognized October 2017.

President: Natasha Dewar
UHCL Advisor: Michael Brims
Updated: 23-Oct-2016

Creative Writing

Officially recognized October 2017.

Cricket Student Association - CRICKET

An association to provide a platform for the UHCL students to showcase their talent and give everyone an opportunity to participate, have fun and also to learn and enhance their team-building abilities. Conduct events that can help the students to de-stress themselves. Officially recognized September 24, 2016.

Presidents: Sandeep Kumar and Vadhiraj Satya Maligi
UHCL Advisor: Vacant
Updated: 24-Oct-2016

Criminology Student Organization - CSO

The purpose of the Criminology Student Organization is dedicated to helping criminology students explore career paths by presenting speakers and arranging field trips. By participating it will expose the student to the real world of criminology. This will also provide students opportunities to network with those involved in the criminology field. Officially recognized October 2017.

Presidents: Amber Gross-Velez and Reynalda Rodriguez
UHCL Advisor: Joyce Delores Taylor
Updated: 24-Oct-2016

Cross-Cultural, Anthropology and Sociology Student Association - CASSA

CASSA is an organization open to all UHCL students interested in culture and society. We have weekly meetings, hold events on campus and volunteer in the community. Officially recognized October 2017.

President: Erica Bermea
UHCL Advisor: Christine Kovic
Updated: 23-Oct-2016

  D - G

Delta Xi Nu Multicultural Sorority Inc. Kappa Colony - DXN

The Delta Xi Nu Multicultural Sorority Inc. is committed to the furtherance of multiculturalism by promoting diversity and cultural awareness in our local communities and throughout the world. Officially recognized October 2017.

President: Margarita Perez 
UHCL Advisor: Joyce Delores Taylor
Updated: 23-Oct-2016

Early Childhood Hawk Organization - ECHO

Our mission as a student organization is to advocate for and serve the greater early childhood community by promoting the well being, education and development of all young children. Officially recognized October 2017.

President: Kasey Gray
UHCL Advisor: Elizabeth Beavers
Updated: 03-Aug-2016

eSports - ESPORTS

The UHCL eSports community exists to give those who play video games, competitively or not, a place to gather and meet others. Officially recognized October 2017.

President: Cameron Balmer
UHCL Advisor:Vacant
Updated: 03-Aug-2016

Family Therapy Student Association - FTSA

FTSA promotes professional development for those interested in marriage and family therapy. This organization hold general membership meetings, continued education, and serves the community: UHCL FTSA shall also promote the MFT program at UHCL and recruit persons interested in applying. Officially recognized October 2017.

President: Jessica Weaver
UHCL Advisor: Dr. Emily Fessler
Updated: 24-Oct-2016

Fusion Dance Team - DANCE

To boost students confidence by being involved in an uncompetitive and multicultural dance group! Officially recognized October 2017.

President: Amrita Chatarpal
UHCL Advisor: Vacant - Please contact Patrick Cardenas
Updated: 21-Oct-2016

Gamer's Guild - GAME

Gamer's Guild provides a safe, friendly, welcoming place for the community to come and game. We are always willing to learn new games and always ready to teach someone how to play. Officially recognized October 2017.

President: Erin Bates
UHCL Advisor: Vacant
Updated: 28-Sep-2016

Geography Club - GEO

Officially recognized October 2017.

Green Hawks (UHCL) - GH

To promote multiple facets of sustainability, on and off campus to educate students to find new and innovative ways to lower emissions, reduce waste, recycle and promote environmental awareness on UHCL campus. ALso we want to provide a resource for students interested in sustainability and environmental science. Officially recognized October 2017.

President: Fena Prajapati
UHCL Advisor: Dina Addelzaher
Updated: 16-Feb-2017


Healthcare Financial Management - HFM

Officially recognized October 2017.

Healthcare Student Association - HSA

Our mission is to be the avenue for students to stay connected with the HADM program and upcoming professional events. We encourage member development by networking with students, faculty, and administrative professionals. Officially recognized October 2017.

President: Claudia Neumann
UHCL Advisor: Ashish Chandra, PhD
Updated: 21-Oct-2016

Hispanics Advancing Culture, Education, & Rights - HACER

H.A.C.E.R. is a student organization at UHCL that promotes Hispanic cultural, social, academic and educational programs and events on campus and in the Clear Lake community to promote diversity. Officially recognized October 2017.

President: Bianca Garcia
UHCL Advisor: Daniel S. Haworth
Updated: 22-Oct-2016

History Club - HIST

The History Club offers an organization for all students interested in history to gather, participate in activities, and learn of the history-related opportunities at the University of Houston-Clear Lake. Officially recognized October 2017.

President: Emily Grichuk 
UHCL Advisor: Jon Zophy
Updated: 24-Oct-2016

Human Factors and Ergonomics Society - HFES

The mission of the society is to promote the discovery and exchange of knowledge concerning the relationship between humans and the design of systems and devices. We, as a student chapter, facilitate this goal through educational workshops, travel to conferences, field trips, invited guest speakers, outreach, socials, collaborative research, and design projects with industry and more. Officially recognized October 2017.

Presidents: Angie Avera and Hannah Bowman
UHCL Advisor: Steven Sutherland
Updated: 24-Oct-2016

   I - L


The purpose of this organization will be to recognize students who have performed exceptionally well in the MA Industrial/Organizational Psychology program at UHCL. Officially recognized October 2017.

President: Corey Gleicher
UHCL Advisor: Lisa Sublett
Updated: 21-Oct-2016

Ignite - IGNITE

Officially recognized October 2017.

Indian Students' Association - ISA

We are an independent association formed for Indian students where we organize special events to promote Indian Cultural heritage. You are most welcome to attend and participate and try to keep India alive in our hearts. Officially recognized October 2017.

President: Sameer Sakkhari
UHCL Advisor: Dr. Preeti Jain
Updated: 03-Aug-2016

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Student Branch (UHCL) - IEEE

The purpose is the dissemination of knowledge of theory and proactive of all aspects of electrical engineering, electronics, or the related art and science as well as the function of professional development of the student. Officially recognized October 2017.

President: Thrishala
UHCL Advisor: Dr. Hakduran Koc
Updated: 27-Oct-2016

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship - IVCF

We invite all students and faculty to learn about Jesus and His vision for our lives and the world. Through interactive bible studies, we unravel and then apply the lessons of Christ to our lives through volunteering and outreaches. We are not only working to build healthy relationships within our community but a healthy relationship with Christ. Officially recognized October 2017.

President: Michele Gibson
UHCL Advisor: Joyce Delores Taylor
Updated: 29-Jun-2016

Information System Audit and Control Association and Association of Certified Fraud Examiners - ISACA/ACFE

The purpose of our student organization is to provide students with educational and social organization that promotes both fraud examinations and internal controls for accounting. We're involved with Information System and Programming. Our goal as a student chapter is to provide a community based on networking, volunteering and knowledge buiding. Officially recognized October 2017.

President: Cecilia Norvell
UHCL Advisor: Dr. Jun (Maggie) Hao
Updated: 2017-10-25

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship - IVCF

We invite all students and faculty to learn about Jesus and His vision for our lives and the world. Through interactive bible studies, we unravel and then apply the lessons of Christ to our lives through volunteering and outreaches. We are not only working to build healthy relationships within our community but a healthy relationship with Christ. Officially recognized October 2017.

President: Michele Gibson 
UHCL Advisor: Dr. Joyce Delores Taylor
Updated: 29-Jun-2016

Kappa Delta Pi (Education)- KDP

Kappa Delta Pi promotes excellence in and recognition of outstanding contributions to education. It shall invite to membership persons who exhibit commendable professional qualities, worthy educational ideals and sound scholarship. Officially recognized October 2017.

UHCL Advisor: Dr. Kent Divoll
Updated: 21-Oct-2016

Legal Studies Association - LSA

To inform and educate the community about the law and the United States Constitution, and to pursue the interests and meet the needs of the students interested in law related careers. Officially recognized October 2017.

President: Katherine Zellner
UHCL Advisor: Vacant
Updated: 03-Aug-2016

LGBTQ Student Coalition - LGBTQ

The LGBTQ Student Coalition (formerly known as Unity Club) aims to provide visibility and social support to the LGBTQ community within the UHCL campus; it seeks to provide a safe and supportive social interactions with the LGBTQ and ally community; strives to eliminate heterosexism, transphobia, and homophobia, and provides resources to the UHCL Community. Officially recognized October 2017.

President: Genesis Granados
UHCL Advisor: Lindsay Humphrey
Updated: 03-Aug-2016


Management Information Systems Organization - MISO

Our mission is to help students of Management Information systems with their career path, guiding them through their process of becoming a professional in their career and building close relations with faculty and staff. Officially recognized October 2017.

President: Aditi Dhaybar
UHCL Advisor: Doug Steel
Updated: 22-Oct-2016

Maritime and Wildlife Conservation - MWC

Maritime and Wildlife Conservation is to promote not only safer habits for aquatic and environmental living, but to keep these areas and organisms safe. MWC is trying to give back to our home planet from any disasters, whether they are man-made or natural. Officially recognized October 2017.

President: Amanda Newman
UHCL Advisor: Vacant
Updated: 22-Oct-2016

Mathletes Infinity - MATH

We are a social and academic organization that promotes the appreciation of mathematics and its applications. Officially recognized October 2017.

President: Mark Fraley
UHCL Advisors: Nelson Carter
Updated: 23-Oct-2016

Medical Group Management Association - MGMA

To elevate the performance of medical leaders and their organizations by connecting members, building partnerships, setting the standards for certification, advocating for physician practice and providing innovative solutions. Officially recognized October 2017.

President: Harsh Naik
UHCL Advisor: Dianne Love
Updated: 20-Oct-2016

Model Arab League Student Organization - MALSO

MALSO is a student-inspired and student-run organization that seeks to promote participation in the Model Arab League and enable students to enjoy the academic, social, and career benefits the model allows. MALSO members are committed to cross-cultural awareness and bridging gaps between cultures through dialogue. Officially recognized October 2017.

President: Crystal Klyng
UHCL Advisor: Dr. Maria Curtis
Updated: 24-Oct-2016

Multicultural Student Organization - MSO

Our mission is to help students of Management Information systems with their career path, guiding them through their process of becoming a professional in their career and building close relations with faculty and staff.

The purpose of the MSO is to promote awareness of all cultures represented here at University of Houston-Clear Lake. MSO seeks to develop and sponsor cultural, educational, and social programming for members and students here at UHCL. We seek to celebrate diversity and provide awareness for the entire campus community. Officially recognized October 2017.

President: Sandy Samaan
UHCL Advisor: Joyce Taylor
Updated: 22-Oct-2016

Music Club - MC

Our primary objective is to create a musical presence on campus, providing a time and place for music appreciation and enjoyment. Officially recognized October 2017.

President: Madison Stults
UHCL Advisor: Vacant
Updated: 24-Oct-2016

Muslim Students' Association - MSA

The Muslim Student Association of UHCL originated to bring together Muslims of diverse backgrounds and cultures. The MSA also reaches out to non-Muslims to educate them about misconceptions in Islam and the Islamic way of life. We include anyone to join who is willing to stand up for the truth, peace, and justice. The ultimate goal of MSA is to encourage Muslims and non-Muslims to evolve intellectually and spiritually during their tenure at University of Houston-Clear Lake. Officially recognized October 2017.

President: Sumaya Shaik
UHCL Advisors: Sarah Ali and Dr. Sisman
Updated: 27-Oct-2016

   N - R

National Society of Leadership and Success - NSLS

NSLS, also known as Sigma Alpha Pi, is an organization that helps people discover and achieve their goals. The society offers life-changing lectures from the nation's leading presenters and a community where like-minded success oriented individuals come together and help one another succeed. Officially recognized October 2017.

President: Taylor Hernandez
UHCL Advisor: Joyce Dolores Taylor
Updated: 23-Oct-2016

Natural Science Scholars Organization - NSSO

The mission of the Natural Science Scholars Organization, funded by the NSF, is to prepare students for their careers as scientists. By developing professional networks, students will gain perspective on how education education requirements relate to their industries. Officially recognized October 2017.

President: Arlene Garcia - Chau
UHCL Advisor: Dr. Richard Puzdrowski
Updated: 23-Oct-2016

Omicron Delta Kappa (Leadership) - ODK

Omicron Delta Kappa is a national leadership honor society that recognizes students who excel in five areas of campus life: scholarships, athletics, campus or community involvement, speech, and mass media, creative and performing arts. Membership in ODK is open to both undergraduate and graduate students, staff and alumni. Officially recognized October 2017.

President: Juliana Munoz
UHCL Advisor: Joyce Delores Taylor
Updated: 22-Oct-2016

Physics and Astronomy Club - PAC

Officially recognized October 2017.

Political Science Student Organization - PSSO

The Political Science Student Organization is a multi-partisan group that promotes student independence on and off campus. Our goal is to promotion enrichment in education and student involvement in our government. Officially recognized October 2017.

President: Sandy Samaan 
Advisors: Brantley Fletcher and Dr. Yi
Updated: 08-Aug-2016

Pre-Health and Science Association - PHSA

The PHSA is committed to bettering our university, building relationships within our community, and expanding our knowledge of the biological sciences. Officially recognized October 2017.

President: Diveanne Martinez
Advisor: Dr. Rick Puzdrowski
Updated: 08-Aug-2016

Psi Chi (Psychology) - PSICHI

The purpose of this organization shall be to encourage, stimulate, and maintain excellence in the scholarship of individual members in all fields, particularly in psychology and to advance the science of psychology. Officially recognized October 2017.

President: Shelby Terral
UHCL Advisors: Christine Walther and Xiaodong Ma
Updated: 08-Aug-2016

Psychology Club - PSYCH

Membership is open to all interested students at UHCL. The purpose of this organization is to provide an opportunity for personal advancement within the field of psychology. Also the organization will establish an atmosphere to share knowledge and experience pertaining to psychology. Officially recognized October 2017.

President: Shelby Terral
UHCL Advisors: Christine Walther and Xiaodong Ma
Updated: 03-Aug-2016

PsyDawks - PD

Officially recognized October 2017.

R Ladies - RL

Officially recognized October 2017.

Running Outdoors Walking Activities - ROW

ROW promotes healthy lifestyles through various outdoor activities and create unity among UHCL students, facility, staff and alumni in order to network and increase community involvement. Officially recognized October 2017.

President: Sandy Samaan
UHCL Advisors: Trish Trubi and Dr. Daniel Imreck
Updated: 23-Oct-2016 


Smanvay Cultural Group - SCG

Officially recognized October 2017.

Sigma Tau Delta - STD

Officially recognized October 2017.

President: Stephen Defferon
UHCL Advisor: Dr. Anne Marcoline
Updated: 20-Oct-2016

Soccer Club (UHCL) - SOCCER

As a soccer club, our goal is to provide a positive environment for all experienced and amateur soccer players to participate, enjoy and achieve success. Officially recognized October 2017.

President: R. Austin Rominger
UHCL Advisor: Vacant
Updated: 24-Oct-2016

Social Justice Organization - SJO

Officially recognized October 2017.

Social Work Student Organization - SWSO

Through social diversity and justice, we volunteer to help meet the needs of the community. Officially recognized October 2017.

Presidents: Chloe Voebel and Kara Burge
Advisor: Vacant
Updated: 20-Oct-2016

Society for Advancement of Management - SAM

Officially recognized October 2017.

Society for Human Resource Management - SHRM

The Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) is a group of students passionate about Human Resources and is dedicated to build and sharing knowledge and practice of the same. Officially recognized October 2017.

President: Amy Garcia
Advisor: Dr. Valenti
Updated: 20-Oct-2016

Society of Industrial Hygienists and Safety Professional - SIHSP

Purpose of the society of Industrial Hygienists and Safety Professionals is to engage students at various education levels and apprise them of opportunities available to them in the Environmental Health and Safety Industry; provide opportunities for students to learn more about their chosen area of study; promote interaction between students and professionals in the field through the support of the American Society of Safety Professionals and the American Industrial Hygiene Association. Officially recognized October 2017.

President: Jessica Bramlet
UHCL Advisor: Dr. Magdy Akladios
Updated: 24-Oct-2016

Spirit Squad - SQUAD

It is our mission to promote positivity and spirit among UHCL students, staff, alumni, and fans. This organization includes cheerleading, dancing, and involvement in the community to promote University of Houston Clear Lake in addition to further educations. Officially recognized October 2017.

President: Autumn Mason
UHCL Advisor: Vacant
Updated: 24-Oct-2016

Storytellers - ST

Officially recognized October 2017.

Student Council for Exceptional Children - SCEC

The student council for exceptional children is a student organization designed for anyone wanting to be a teacher, specifically a special education teacher. Our goal as an organization is to promote awareness about students with disabilities. Officially recognized October 2017.

President: Savanah Mackenroth
UHCL Advisor: Dr. Randy Seevers
Updated: 24-Oct-2016

Student Government Association - SGA

To advocate for and speak on behalf of the student body. To provide input to university administration on student and organizational issues. To appoint/elect students to university committees. To allocate university funds to student organizations. Officially recognized October 2017.

President: AJ Johnson
UHCL Advisor: Andrew Reitberger
Updated: 24-Oct-2016

Student Literacy Chapter - SLC

The purpose of the Student Literacy Chapter is to promote literacy, exchange ideas and techniques with regard to literacy best practices, encourage innovation and research in literacy and sponsor conferences, meetings, workshops and study groups for betterment of membership. Officially recognized October 2017.

President: Erica Homburg
UHCL Advisor: Rose Toman and Dr. Roberta D. Raymond
Updated: 20-Oct-2016

Student Veterans Association of America - SVA

Officially recognized October 2017.

   T - Z

Taiwanese Student Association - TSA

To gather all Taiwanese student in UHCL. We will do some events for fun, and help any Taiwanese student when they meet difficulties. Officially recognized October 2017.

President: Patty Yang
UHCL Advisor: Dr. Morris Liaw
Updated: 24-Oct-2016

Texas Medical Dental Service Society - TMDSS

Officially recognized October 2017.

Texas State Teacher's Association - Student Program - TSTA

Our mission statement for the TSTA – Student Program is to unite future teachers and education at the collegiate level and empower them to make changes in our public education system so that every child is reached. Officially recognized October 2017.

President: Kelly Arnold
UHCL Advisor: Jana Willis
Updated: 23-Oct-2016

Toastmasters Club - TM

We provide a supportive and positive learning experience in which members are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth. Officially recognized August 20, 2016.

President: Diwakar Krishnappa
UHCL Advisor: Sean Hallington
Updated: 22-Oct-2016

Turning Poing USA - TPUSA

Officially recognized October 2017.

University Christian Fellowship - UCF

UCF is dedicated to discussion, reading and understanding the word of God. UCF tries to provide a space for students to worship freely. Officially recognized October 2017.

President: Justin Murphy
UHCL Advisor: Vacant
Updated: 24-Oct-2016

Upsilon Chi Lambda (Counseling) - UCL

Officially recognized October 2017.

Vietnamese Student Association - VSA

Officially recognized October 2017.
Updated: 24-Oct-2016

Volleyball Club - VBALL

Officially recognized October 2017.

Women's Studies Student Association - WSSA

WSSA is a UHCL organization dedicated to volunteerism and awareness raising of gender issues on campus and in our community. WSSA is open to all students with a passion for social justice and equity. Officially recognized October 2017.

President: Brianna Wilson
UHCL Advisor: Dr. Walther
Updated: 24-Oct-2016



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