Leadership Workshop Series

Our workshops are designed to give students a chance to explore difference concepts of leadership in and interactive way. Each semester, participants can chose from a variety of workshops that cover different topics of leadership.

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Fall 2017 Workshops

Leadership Through Writing: Practices, Networks, Ecologies
Friday October 20
1 -3 p.m., SSCB 3302
Presenter: Travis Webster, Ph.D.

Community leaders communicate with their constituents, stakeholders, allies, and peers for two particular ends: to organize and to mobilize.

The “why” of this is pretty clear: to effect lasting, meaningful change. The “how” of it, however, is often less so. How do we know who we’re talking to? How do we best connect them? How do we get the, to listen? During this workshop, we will theorize and practice a variety of approaches to the larges of theses “hows”: how to write persuasively for diverse audiences in diverse genres to bring about ethical, focused, and collaborative change.

*Servant Leadership 
Wednesday, October 25
4 - 6 p.m., SSCB 3302
Presenter: Kanalyn Jackson

What is servant leadership and why is it so important? Come learn answers to these questions and how you can practice servant leadership on a daily basis.

*Social Justice Leadership
Friday, November 3
1 - 3 p.m., SSCB 3302
Presenter: Kanalyn Jackson

What is social justice and how is it connected to leadership? This workshop will explore ways that leaders advocate for social justice and why it is an important aspect of leadership.

*Leadership Through Community Engagement
Wednesday, November 8
4 - 6 p.m., SSCB 3302
Presenter: Kanalyn Jackson

Community engagement is an important aspect of leadership. This workshop will cover definitions of service learning and volunteering, and the positive affects they have on your leadership style.

What’s Your Leadership Style?
Tuesday, November 11
3 - 5 p.m., Location TBA
Presenter: Dr. Cindy Cook

Participants must take the MBTI in Counseling Services by Tuesday, November 7 to participate.

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