Hawk Leadership Institute


The Hawk Leadership Institute is an elite learning community of students, staff and faculty who study leadership concepts through exciting and interactive workshops, retreats, and supportive peer teams (led by upper class Success Coaches). Students learn about their strengths, effective teamwork, and how to succeed in-and-outside the classroom and in their future career. Through networking with other leaders on and off-campus, students have access to campus leadership roles, and opportunities to positively impact their community. HLI students will gain the leadership edge that will help them succeed in college and beyond.


We seek to develop our students both personally and professionally. On the personal level, our program challenges students to learn more about themselves and to identify their passion and purpose. We want to help our students discover their unique voices and begin to make their mark on the world. We will help them to solve problems and resolve interpersonal and organizational conflict through effective and ethical leadership. We challenge our students to be critical thinkers who will be able to identify needs and see the “big picture”. Professionally, we will prepare them for success after college by providing them with practical experience in leadership, communication, and service. As students continue with the program, they will also benefit from mentoring relationships with our successful alumni, community and corporate partners who will be valuable resources to them for a lifetime.

2014-2015 Student Mission Statement

The Hawk Leadership institute cultivates skills such as teamwork, optimism and integrity that extend beyond campus life into the real world by improving our lives and the lives of others.

2015-2016 Student Mission Statement

The Hawk Leadership institute creates relationships, forms,friendships and allows the potential of each individual to be fully discovered. As a whole, we integrate ideas and talents to better the community. Our goal remains to create a positive experience for all members as well as the lives we impact.

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