New Buildings on Campus
Coming in Fall 2018
UHCL's new 80,000-square-foot residential facility, conveniently located near the new Recreation and Wellness Center, will include semi-suites with two bedrooms sharing an adjoining bathroom. The 300-bed student housing should be ready for occupancy in fall 2018. While it will not include a dining area, students will be able to select meal plans for the Bayou Building Patio Café.
residence life
Residence Life
When you live on campus, you have easy access to the library, recreation center, study groups and career services. Find out more about UHCL's on-campus activities and services.

Housing Options at UHCL

At University of Houston-Clear Lake, students have a number of housing choices while working to reach their educational goals. In addition to nearby apartment complexes located within a 5- to 20-minute walk/bicycle from UHCL, you can live in apartments on campus and choose from several floor plans that will allow you to live alone or with two or three other friends. Explore your options and find the one that best fits your housing needs.

Living on Campus 

Make the most of your UHCL experience by living on campus. Designed specifically with student residents in mind, on-campus housing offers easy access to classes, the library and other student resources in addition to campus events and activities. Live with your friends, who will quickly become study partners, and help each other succeed in college. Studies show that students who live on campus have higher graduation rates because of the support received from friends, advisers and the campus community.

  University Forest Apartments (On-Campus Housing)

UFAMost conveniently located at 2600 Bay Area Blvd. is University Forest Apartments (link) (known as UFA), which is UHCL’s primary on-campus housing option for students. With a range of fully-furnished and unfurnished apartments for over 200 students, UFA is your home away from home at UHCL. An energetic residential life program is waiting for you, along with convenient on-site facilities. From studying to socializing, life at UFA is the perfect solution if you’re looking for an independent lifestyle to complement your university experience. You’ll have the opportunity to live within a vibrant community, do your studies in one of our study lounges, and participate in our vibrant student life programs. 

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  Hawk’s Landing at University Forest Apartments

UFAIt’s your first place to nest. Hawk’s Landing is an exclusive freshman living-learning community located at UFA, often referred to as University Forest Student Village, that consists of 2/2 fully furnished units that include your water, electricity allowance and gas utilities. At Hawk’s Landing, you’ll have a total residential living experience. This is your chance to develop a strong connection with the campus community, attend classes just minutes away, and start participating in campus activities and programs. You’ll network with other college students and expand your leadership potential. Hawk’s Landing is reserved exclusively for UHCL freshman community that will be living on campus.

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  Off-Campus Housing

There are six apartment complexes with varying floorplans located within 5-20 minutes’ walk/cycle from UHCL campus. Explore your options and find the one that best fits your housing needs.

Sharing an apartment or renting a room is a great way to reduce your housing costs. UHCL offers a roommate listing service for those looking to rent in the area. A UHCL login is required to view listings, but not to post.

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