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Template Suite

Eight templates have been designed and developed to accommodate every use case - Homepage, Universal, School, Department, Routing, Degree, Faculty and Program Filter. Refer to these templates when creating a new page or editing a current page with new content. The universal template is displayed with every user interface (UI) component and style available. 

Home Page

Home page thumbnail

The Home Page provides a format for telling compelling feature stories focused on key differentiators and student and alumni outcomes. It should convey the variety of academic and extracurricular options available and serve as an intuitive gateway to academic program and admission processes. The Home Page is a stand alone and should not be used for other page types.


Universal thumbnail

The Universal template is intended to contain the details for sections and departments. It is highly flexible, allowing for lean or robust content to meet varying needs. Available components are modular and can be rearranged on the page as desired within the content management system (CMS).


School thumbnail

The College template is a place to feature information about programs, accolades, distinctions and multimedia. This template is used for School landing pages only.


Department thumbnail

The Department template provides an overview of the key services, transactions and reference information the department provides. Includes contact information and feature space for initiatives and announcements. This template is used for academic departments only.


Routing thumbnail

The Routing template provides an easily scannable summary of the purpose, content and information that exists within the section at large. In this example, it provides an overview for each type of student interested in applying to UHCL, in a way that doesn't overwhelm. This template is used for top level landing pages accessible from the primary navigation of the website.


Degree thumbnail

The Degree template is used to help users explore and apply to a given academic program, including program specifics, related joint and interdisciplinary programs, career opportunities, and student experiences. This template is used for program-specific content.


Faculty thumbnail

The Faculty template provides space for detailed biographical information for an individual faculty member, including contact information, courses taught, areas of expertise, publications, research, and awards.

Program Filter

Program Filter thumbnail

The Program Filter provides an interactive list of academic program options that can be dynamically filtered by degree type, college or school, interest, and location. The Program Filter is a stand alone and should not be used for other page types.