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Logo Usage

Logo Usage Guidelines

Our logo is a symbol and visual representation of who we are as a university. It’s important to keep the following in mind when using our logos.

Logo Elements

In the primary logos, the block graphic and the word mark should always be used together.

Correct usage of the stacked logoCorrect usage of the signature line logo Incorrect logo usage - block by itself

Added Graphics

No other graphics should be attached to the logo.

Incorrect logo usage - added graphic to the stacked logoIncorrect logo usage - added graphics to the signature line logo 


While logos may be resized, the logos should not be stretched or flattened and should keep their original proportions.

squashed logosigline logo squashedstretched stacked logostretched sigline logo


The stacked logos should not be smaller than one inch tall and the signature line logos should not be smaller than three inches wide.

stacked logo that is too smallsigline graphic that is too small


Logos should have space equal to half the height of the logo around all four sides; it should not be placed on top of, behind, or against another image or too close to the edges of an item. 

logo spacing example


Logo colors should not be altered or adjusted. 

recolored logo examplesigline recolor example


White versions of the logo should be placed on dark backgrounds and our full-color and black logos should be placed on light backgrounds.

four color logo against a dark backgroundwhite stacked logo against a light background