UHCL Student Illustration Exhibition

Aug. 22 - Oct 17, 2013

Location: Atrium I, Level II

Curator's Statement:

Far from the time my father expected me to put down the artifacts of childhood, the comic art form has become an innovative practice of communication with a breadth and complexity that continues to delight a popular audience. Indeed, it is increasingly difficult to find an aspect of culture that has not been broadened by the influence of comic culture. A graphic novel can stir the emotions, explore the depth of the human condition, or enlighten the spirit.  The artworks in the UHCL Student Illustration Exhibition are from students who are dedicated to showing the world what comics are capable of.

The exhibition is comprised of two parts.

Part one:

This was a class project to design a Super-Hero Coloring Book for the Clan Tynker Family Circus. The group is a real life family based out of Santa Fe, New Mexico. You can see them perform at such venues as the Texas Renaissance Festival in October and November.

Here, the Clan Tynker knew we were working on an assignment for them, but they did not know the specific details. At the end of the project, each of the five Tynkers chose which characterization of themselves they liked best. The final results are presented here.

The class was divided into four teams of five . Along with transforming the Clan Tynker into comics, students were responsible for imbuing them with super powers. Each student designed a splash page and a narrative page. The outcome was that each Tynker had four designs from which to choose. Sometimes they selected a set to be displayed in the exhibition, and  other times they chose a splash page designed by one student and a narrative page designed by another.

Part two:

Also on view is a selection of artworks created by current students and recent alumni particularly sensitive to the strong calling of the comic art form. The crisp, clean lines and saturated brilliance of sequential art is their kryptonite.

Artists in the exhibition designed their own characters, wrote their own scripts, and illustrated their own narratives. Although these designs make graphics look easy, each of these projects is the result of intense character studies, story development, and painstaking time drawing on and off the computer. And this is not to mention the countless hours of revisions seeking the perfection of making another world come to life.

For the students and alumni involved, graphic novels are not just a pastime, but a way of life. The works here are the culmination of a lifetime of dreaming up narratives, drawing characters in the margins of their notebooks. These artists are all working towards the dream of one day publishing their sequential narratives.

Stuart Larson
Associate Professor of Graphic Design

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