Getting Started

Start Planning Your Study Abroad Trip

Enrolling in a Study Abroad program is a great choice for your education. But it also means you have lots of planning to complete so your experience is a success. Studying abroad requires advanced consideration and preparation, especially in terms of your timeline, eligibility and Candidate Plan of Study.

And it all starts with a visit to the Office of International Admissions and Programs at the University of Houston-Clear Lake. Simply contact us via e-mail at expressing your interest in a Study Abroad program, and we’ll schedule a meeting with you to help you make the crucial decisions regarding your options for destination, budget, and academic credits.


Because the length of preparation depends upon your unique situation, we recommend that you begin your planning process two semesters before you anticipate your trip to occur. This specifically includes paying attention to any program, course and university deadlines.

  • Any third-party study abroad provider will have set deadlines to apply for its programs.
  • Faculty may have an application deadline for their faculty-led trip.
  • UHCL Office of Financial Aid has set deadlines for scholarship applications, as do external scholarship providers.


In order to participate in a study abroad trip, you must meet the following requirements prior to your departure. Each requirement will have its own deadline for completion.

  • Acquire valid passports and visas as required for destination countries
  • Obtain valid international health insurance
  • Submit all required paperwork to the Office of International Admissions and Programs
  • Fulfill the financial obligations to the school and study abroad trip
  • Approval from the college and department

Candidate Plan of Study

As a student at UHCL, you maintain a personal Candidate Plan of Study, so your study abroad course(s) must be included. You must work with your academic and faculty advisers to determine the appropriate course approval or substitution. You must seek and receive approval on your Candidate Plan of Study from your college and department for your degree program to participate in a study abroad program.

If you have any questions about your timeline, eligibility or Candidate Plan of Study as you prepare for your Study Abroad program, contact the Office of International Admissions and Programs.

  • International Admissions and Programs

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