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Friday Morning Continuing Education Schedule

Important COVID-19 Update

In accordance with the CDC's recommendation, we will observe social distancing in our face-to-face classes. For more information, contact Christine Paul at

For university and health alert updates related to Coronavirus (COVID-19), please visit the UHCL Health Alert webpage.

Summer 2022 Series Fees

Tuition of $30 will be charged for the first class. All subsequent classes will be discounted at checkout to standard class fee of $18.



  • Summer 2022 Series
  • July 8, 9:30 a.m.

    Politics Make Strange Bedfellows or the History of Texas State Parks!


    The first female Governor of Texas was Miriam Amanda Wallace "Ma" Ferguson: 1. She signed into law Texas House Bill 194, which established the University of Houston; 2. She aligned herself with the "wets" in the battle over prohibition; 3. She opposed the KKK; 4. She "bailed out" Former Governor Pat Neff – in his eleventh hour – for $25,000 – so the CCC would operate in Texas and create beautiful parks! Come and learn exactly what happened!

  • July 8, 11 a.m.

    The Book as Art


    What exactly is Book Art? Is it a book made by an artist? This presentation will share some of the many forms of book arts that artists explore from altered books to one-of-a-kind sculptural books. Book Arts has been around since the 1800s with the creation of the miniature theater. Participants will view images of various types of artists' books and make a small Maze book that can be used to add content to.

  • July 15, 9:30 a.m.

    Exploring the Menil Collection


    You may have visited this museum downtown. Who were the founders of this jewel of a collection? How did they come to be in Houston? This presentation will discuss collectors, artists and architects. Learn how the legacy of Dominique and John de Menil is a vibrant part of our city today.

  • July 15, 11 a.m.

    Learning Through Art: A Discussion of Images from the Menil Collection


    In our hands on lecture-demo, we will walk through a series of images from the Menil Collection. Elements of Art, Principles of Design, and Feldman Model questioning will be applied as we look to be inspired for our own creative work. Participants will create their own portrait inspired by Victor Brauner's Maison Basse.

  • July 22, 9:30 a.m.

    From One Lie (1989) to the Current Lie (2022)


    From one lie to the current lie, come learn with Bill about the current situation with Vladimir Putin and his determination to restore the Soviet Union.

  • July 22, 11 a.m.

    Expert Witness Testimony in Criminal and Civil Cases


    Television crime dramas often feature expert witnesses who provide critical testimony for prosecutors and defense attorneys. The same is true for criminal trials and civil lawsuits. The course will discuss the process of becoming an expert witness and examples of expert testimony given in criminal and civil cases.


Registered participants will receive room details closer to the class date.


To park on campus at anytime this semester, please register for a parking permit by visiting the UHCL Parking Services Portal. Register at this link, then contact Christopher M. Baker at and 281-283-2253. He will create an account, and you will be able to purchase a permit for $5 online.

Additional Information

  • Recorded Sessions
  • April 24

    The AMA vs. the FTC: How Ethical Is Medical Advertising?

    What do rankings of hospitals mean? How do medical advertisers target vulnerable people, inflate expectations and appeal to emotions and desires? Advertising - not only of pharmaceuticals, but of physicians and healthcare centers - is now rampant and fraught with ethical controversy. How did this become acceptable? Learn more about this controversial issue with Vicki Schnadig, who will explain the cogent justifications as well as the bio-ethical criticisms.

    Watch "The AMA vs. the FTC"



  • Friday Morning Continuing Education

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